Our organization takes a holistic approach to women’s rights, and our advocacy always comes back to NOW’s core issues of reproductive rights & justice, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and constitutional equality. As we continue to face ongoing challenges throughout so many aspects of our lives, we must keep the focus on staying strong, staying motivated, and staying active in our work for women’s rights. And we cannot truly advocate for women’s rights unless we are working towards equality for all. Now more than ever, we must adopt an intersectional lens when it comes to our activism and ensure that we are providing an inclusive safe space for one another in all that we do. With these weekly messages from NOW President Christian F. Nunes and Bear Atwood, Vice President of NOW, we hope to provide useful and timely news, resources, and information that will inspire and guide our grassroots in their daily activism.

Messages from 2020