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NOW Applauds the House Passage of the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization, Urges Action in the Senate

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives took vital action today to help victims of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence and stalking by voting to reauthorize the 2019 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA / H.R. 1585). NOW leaders in the states are working with their Senators to ensure that a companion bill is passed… Read more »


The Feminist Agenda Is Rising—When Will Women’s Pay?

WASHINGTON — Today, April 2, is Equal Pay Day—marking the number of extra days into 2019 the average woman has to work to earn as much as men did in 2018. Last year, Equal Pay Day was calculated to occur on April 10—meaning that in 2019, women have improved the score by a mere eight… Read more »


Congress Must Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act and Stop the Theft of Women’s Wages

WASHINGTON — At this very moment, the U.S. House of Representatives has the opportunity to advance legislation — more than 20 years in the making — that will finally begin to close the pay gap between women and men. The National Organization for Women (NOW) strongly supports the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 7) and urges… Read more »

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Protect Women, Not the N.R.A.

The N.R.A. wants to leave open the “boyfriend loophole,” which allows intimate partners who are convicted of domestic violence, stalking or abuse to keep their firearms.

Revolutionary women are changing Washington, but old habits die hard

The record numbers of women in Congress and the incredible diversity they represent is bringing new energy and purpose to Washington.

Equal Pay Day: NOW President Has Some Ideas for Closing Gender Pay Gap

It’s “simply discrimination,” said Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW). “It’s taking us over three months on average to earn the same amount of money.” ~ Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women

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The link between domestic violence and mass shootings, explained by a gun policy expert

Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of domestic violence. So did Omar Mateen and many, many others. What’s going on?

The once-whispered topic of women’s menstruation now has political cachet

Spurred by grass-roots activism aimed at lifting the stigma surrounding menstruation, the lawmakers are proposing measures to provide broad access to menstrual products for women. Their efforts include exempting tampons and pads from state and local taxes, compelling prisons to stop charging inmates for the supplies and making them available for free at public schools and workplaces.

Nursing Home Abuse Is The Health Care Story You Should be Following

“Last month, the federal government signaled its intention to roll back protections critical to the health, safety and welfare of vulnerable nursing home residents. The rule they want to eliminate bans the use of pre-dispute arbitration agreements. These agreements require older adults, people with disabilities and their families to waive their rights to the judicial system before a dispute even arises. Then, any dispute, even abuse or neglect, and regardless of how egregiously they’ve been harmed, is forced into secretive arbitration proceedings.”