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House Oversight Committee Must Investigate John Kelly and Don McGahn

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has announced that his House Oversight Committee has opened an investigation into the Trump Administration’s employment of Rob Porter, seeking to discover when the FBI told the White House about the allegations of domestic violence against him. That’s not nearly good enough. We already know the answer to that question.


Hold the Abuser in Chief Accountable

From Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly to Roy Moore and Mike Tyson, Trump ignores the accuser and portrays the accused as the real victim.


Family and Medical Leave Act Turns 25 – But We Still Need Paid Leave!

Nevertheless, we are persisting: families must have guaranteed paid leave.

NOW In The News

New Roy Moore accusers challenged by his lawyer

NOW President Toni Van Pelt discusses the sexual misconduct allegations facing Roy Moore on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber. 

Divorcees warily eye GOP plan to cut alimony tax deduction

“We are really concerned because it would make tough, tense negotiations between couples even worse.”

As veil of silence falls, Weinstein effect keeps growing

“This is the patriarchy starting to crumble.”

NOW Read This

The link between domestic violence and mass shootings, explained by a gun policy expert

Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of domestic violence. So did Omar Mateen and many, many others. What’s going on?

The once-whispered topic of women’s menstruation now has political cachet

Spurred by grass-roots activism aimed at lifting the stigma surrounding menstruation, the lawmakers are proposing measures to provide broad access to menstrual products for women. Their efforts include exempting tampons and pads from state and local taxes, compelling prisons to stop charging inmates for the supplies and making them available for free at public schools and workplaces.

Nursing Home Abuse Is The Health Care Story You Should be Following

“Last month, the federal government signaled its intention to roll back protections critical to the health, safety and welfare of vulnerable nursing home residents. The rule they want to eliminate bans the use of pre-dispute arbitration agreements. These agreements require older adults, people with disabilities and their families to waive their rights to the judicial system before a dispute even arises. Then, any dispute, even abuse or neglect, and regardless of how egregiously they’ve been harmed, is forced into secretive arbitration proceedings.”