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RJC Panel #2: Burden of Roe

Tuyet Duong Tuyet Duong has spent two decades championing human rights, civil rights, equity, and economic justice issues. Her career has spanned across nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. She currently serves as the Chief Policy and Governme Read more...

Caitlin Clark Making Women’s Sports a Slam Dunk 

Women’s basketball has long been overshadowed by its male counterpart. As someone who played women’s basketball for 12 years, it was painfully obvious how much viewers preferred to watch men’s games. Our varsity girls’ basketball team would have an ave Read more...

A Love Letter to Public Libraries

Some of my favorite childhood memories are going to the local library during the summer. I loved searching for the perfect book to escape into or a DVD to borrow. There were fantastic programs with fun snacks and crafts. I’m still a regular patron of m Read more...