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Democrats and Republicans pushing to increase turnout of women voters

“The wave is coming. It’s not just the blue wave, it’s the pink wave,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, said.

Commentary — PRO: Sexism didn’t defeat Elizabeth Warren — but it sure tried

The media likes to ask the women candidates about sexism. But it hasn’t been willing to look inward about how the media is one of the roots of sexism in politics.

Louisiana abortion case heard by Supreme Court

“This law isn’t about legal access to abortion,” Hawkins said. “This law is about whether or not abortion clinics should be held to the same safety standards as other surgical facilities throughout the state of Louisiana.”

ALERT: Contact Your Senators – VAWA must be Reauthorized 

We know this alert is a bit long – but it is VERY IMPORTANT as Violence Against Women programs could be weakened and under-funded by the Republican-controlled Senate.  ACTION: Please call your senators, especially if they are Republicans, and ask them… Read more »

Will the Supreme Court reward violence against abortion providers?

On March 4, the Supreme Court will hear June Medical Services v. Russo.

FDA approves first low-dose contraceptive patch Twirla after seven years of testing

Valentine’s Day marked a milestone in the history of women’s health, when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new low-dose contraceptive transdermal patch, Twirla.

Toni Van Pelt’s interview with Canadian TV News on Weinstein. #MeToo #TimesUp

Toni Van Pelt’s interview with Canadian TV News on Weinstein.

Grace Millane and the rise of the ’50 Shades’ defense in murder trials

“There’s no emphasis on the men, and the male behavior. Where is their sexual history, where is their history of violence against women, were they drinking, were they stalking, have they been in jail for this before? The emphasis is that she deserved it, because she enjoyed or had pleasure from sex,” Van Pelt added.

Women predominate among the most disengaged nonvoters

“We’ve been told for millennia that we should be silent, we shouldn’t speak, we should submit, we’re not that smart,” said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, the largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States. “That long history adds to women thinking that they are not entitled to the vote or that they don’t need to make time for it. It’s really important for us to say to other women, ‘We want to hear what you have to say. We need your vote. We need to know what your opinion is.’ ”

Virginia Just Became the 38th State to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

“The victory in Virginia means that we have reached the most important ratification goal post,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), told Supermajority News. “But we will not stop until the Virginia ratification vote, and the recent votes of Illinois and Nevada are certified by the Archivist of the United States and officially become part of the U.S. Constitution. Hopefully, both the U.S. House and Senate will pass the deadline removal legislation—though Constitutional scholars believe that is not necessary and we will have to work with the president to sign the legislation. In a crucial election year, he may well want to do that.”

Utahns rally for Equal Rights Amendment and resolution that would push ratification

Christian Nunes, national vice president of the National Organization for Women, speaks during a rally supporting the Equal Rights Amendment on the steps of the state Capitol in Salt Lake City on Monday, Jan.

ERA supporters rally on Utah’s Capitol Hill

“However, what we know now is that Congress did not fully understand the relentless, unwavering determination of powerful feminists and allies”.

Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment

Read NOW president Toni Van Pelt Letter-To-The-Editor in the New York Times on Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment.

What does Equal Rights Amendment ratification in Virginia mean for its chances?

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Virginia General Assembly votes to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

“We always expect push back to women’s equality and whatever comes our way, we will overcome,” said Toni Van Pelt, the President of the National Organization of Women.

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Called Out by Women’s Groups Over ‘Richard Jewell’ Remarks

“These types of misogynistic stereotypes are an insult to female journalists and are part of the reason that women still face disparities across every professional industry,” said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women.

Demand rights for Phoenix rally detainees

NOW and RAICES groups demand better conditions in detention centers.

Exigen derechos para detenidas en rally de Phoenix

Grupos NOW y RAICES demandan mejores condiciones en centros de detención.

The NOW rally draws attention to conditions in ICE detention centers

“NOW requires that these women be treated in accordance with basic human rights: the right to safe and comfortable living conditions, quality and immediate medical care and physical safety, especially for LGBTQIA + people and people with disabilities.”

NOW Rally Draws Attention to Conditions Ice Detention Centers

Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, speaks during a NOW rally demanding humane treatment of people, especially women, in immigration detention facilities Sunday, Dec. 9, 2019, at the Arizona State Capitol Building.

Activists demand better living conditions at AZ migrant detention centers

“This is America. How could this be happening in America today?” questioned Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women.

Interview with Christian F. Nunes, Vice President of NOW

A program dealing with issues, such as politics, human rights, globalization, the environment, and peace and justice concerns, from a progressive perspective.

Faith-based adoption agencies can reject LGBT families under new rule proposed by Trump administration

This is “extremist policy-makers” using religion to justify hurtful and hateful policies says National Organization for Women President, Toni Van Pelt. “The HHS rule has nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with intolerance and right-wing politics.”

D.C. could be the first U.S. city to decriminalize sex work.

NOW advocates for full services for sex workers, such as mental and physical health care, to help women leave.

Witnesses clash at marathon D.C. Council hearing on bill to decriminalize sex work

But despite Grosso’s assertion, nearly all witnesses opposing the bill, including Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, argued that its provision decriminalizing the act of buying sex by “Johns” would lead to an enormous increase in sex trafficking targeting both children and adults.

PRO: Workplace discrimination holds women back

This isn’t a wage gap. It’s wage theft. And it’s not only stealing money from women, it’s stealing their future.

PRO: Workplace discrimination holds women back

According to the National Partnership for Women and Families, women who hold full-time jobs in the United States lose a combined total of more than $915 billion every year because of this wage gap.

San Ysidro rally focuses on treatment of immigrant women, girls at border

“The punishing conditions imposed by the Department of Homeland Security, ICE and Customs and Border Protection on immigrants at the southern border continue to threaten the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable persons,” said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, which organized the rally.

Feminists plan rally to support women held in immigration detention centers

“Immigrant families are being inhumanely locked away in horrific and immoral detention facilities in Southern California and around the nation, and women and girls are suffering the most,” NOW’s president Toni Van Pelt, wrote in a statement.

Buscan mejor tratamiento a familias inmigrantes

La rama de Hollywood de la Organización Nacional para Mujeres (NOW) organizó un rally de una coalición de grupos comunitarios en Larsen Field, este domingo, para un mejor tratamiento de las familias inmigrantes.

Kept awake by worries, Melinda Gates pledges $1 billion to women’s rights

National Organization for Women head Toni Van Pelt wrote in an email that she welcomed Gates’ investment, saying: “The more we see women in positions of power and influence, the more it will become the norm rather than the exception.”

The #MeToo impact: FBI’s crime report shows a spike in rape offenses, and experts say it may be a good thing

“If every girl and woman trusted that they could get sympathetic help from parents, relatives, friends doctors, hospitals, every police station, every campus dean, every workplace HR office, every school teacher or counselor, every minister or priest or coach, the reporting would double or triple,” Van Pelt noted saying that the government needs to do more and needs to protect all survivors of sexual violence.

Feminists plan rally to support women held in immigration detention centers

A nonprofit that advocates for women’s issues like reproductive health care, is protesting against what they call “inhumane” conditions of women and girls in immigration detention centers.

As abortion rates drop across the US, experts are quick to point out that laws have nothing to do with it

“Missouri had three clinics providing care in 2017 and since then two have closed. We know that the bill passed in Missouri was not to protect women’s health – because women are safest when they have access to affordable, available abortion care not when clinics have their hands tied or are forced to close.” – Toni Van Pelt

Florida man convicted of sex misconduct with child released on bail, pending appeal

The National Organization for Women also expressed its disapproval of the decision, writing in part, “Instead of keeping this dangerous man behind bars, Senior Judge R. Michael Hutcheson is letting him sleep in his own bed at night. Fugler was freed on bail pending appeal—a process that could take years and potentially allow him to prey on even more victims.”

We’re Doing the Work; Why Aren’t We Seeing the Equity? For Women’s Equality Day, Experts Weigh In

“Black women are still not fully recognized in their authentic selves for the unique and powerful assets and experiences they can contribute,” said Christian F. Nunes, Vice President of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and chair of NOW’s Racial Justice Committee.

The Paycheck Fairness Act Would Help Close the Gender Wage Gap. Why Won’t the Senate Pass It?

“The wage gap is a blatantly unfair vestige of a patriarchal labor system that haunts women’s economic potential throughout their lives. …That is why we desperately need the Paycheck Fairness Act.”

Here’s Why You Should Care About Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, a date that acknowledges both the racial and gender pay gap that significantly impacts Black women in the workforce.

Lizz Winstead Speaks Up

The comedian and The Daily Show co-creator on reproductive rights, how her Minnesota childhood shaped her career, and the unsung heroes of the State Fair.

The terrifying link between misogynists and mass shooters

Experts in domestic violence describe a pattern known as “intimate terrorism” that demands total control over every aspect of a partner’s life, and uses violence to instill fear and reinforce control.

Dayton shooter had history of ‘violence towards women,’ an ex-girlfriend says

Important first steps toward change “include a meaningful vote on gun violence legislation and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The Senate simply must act to stop the violence,” the NOW president said.

Trump’s Racist Tweets Prompt Foundations to Speak Out

But Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, didn’t shy away from coming out swinging and naming names. “Donald Trump’s racist attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings and his hateful comments about Baltimore reveal his craven political… Read more »

Two Prominent Women Defend General Against Sexual Assault Claim

“The fix is in to elevate Gen. John E. Hyten,” Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women, said in a statement, “despite credible accusations of sexual assault made by an officer under his command.” She called on the committee… Read more »

Minnesota should terminate parental rights of offender when a child is conceived by rape

Minnesota’s statutes have been updated continuously to delineate reasons for revoking parental custody — from abandonment to egregious harm — yet there are no statutes governing the parenting, or co-parenting, of a child conceived as a result of rape.

House bill would make World Cup funds contingent on equal pay

The National Organization for Women (NOW) endorsed the measure. “We urge House members to join in co-sponsoring this legislation and hope that the GOALS Act is quickly adopted into law, and we look forward to working with Reps. Matsui and DeLauro on th… Read more »

MacKinnon recognized as a ‘Woman of Vision’

MacKinnon, a noted author and groundbreaking feminist thinker, was nominated for a lifetime of original work on sexual abuse and sex inequality in areas such as sexual harassment, rape, pornography and prostitution.

Michigan Law Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon Named Woman of Vision by the National Organization for Women

Renowned legal scholar and Michigan Law Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon, who has been called “one of the most significant figures in feminism” by the National Organization for Women (NOW)

National Organization for Women (NOW) is holding its annual conference in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

It is time for women, and the children impacted by sexual assault, to gain power, and be safe in their own communities. Leaders working to provide justice for survivors of sexual assault, and children who are conceived as a result of rape, deserve our… Read more »

Nation’s largest feminist organization gathers in Bloomington

National Organization for Women members from across the U.S. were in Bloomington this weekend to discuss topics ranging from racial justice and pay equity to health care.

Is the Equal Rights Amendment finally on the cusp of passage?

Women across the country continue to lead a fight for equal rights.

“Feminist Agenda Rising: Our Time is Now” (NOW National Conference)

From protecting women’s reproductive health and equal pay, to immigration reform and the importance of the female vote in the upcoming elections, women’s issues are dominating headlines every single day.

National NOW Conference

Native activist Sarah Deer will be one of the featured speakers at the National Organization for Women national conference, “Feminist Agenda Rising.” She is author of “Maze of Injustice” and “The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence i… Read more »

Is the Equal Rights Amendment finally on the cusp of passage?

Minnesota will be center stage for conversations about women’s rights. Leaders of the feminist movement will gather in the Twin Cities in mid-July for the annual conference of the National Organization for Women.

Alabama woman is charged in fetus’ death after she was shot. But she may not be prosecuted.

Women’s rights advocates say the case fits a pattern of Alabama’s holding women criminally liable for their pregnancy outcomes.

CBP’s ‘Misogynistic and Racist Behavior’ Might Be Why Border Patrol Had ‘Lowest Percentage of Women’ of Any Federal Law Enforcement Agency, Right Group Says

Border Patrol was found to have the “lowest percentage of women on their force out of any federal law enforcement agency” in 2017.

“These dangers,” she added, “are especially prevalent for people in vulnerable populations, such as women living in poverty and women of color, who may not have the resources necessary to travel out-of-state to access abortion care.”

Correcting the misleading language of anti-abortion extremists

Phrases like ‘heartbeat bill’ and ‘born-alive legislation’ are being used to pressure lawmakers to pass extreme restrictions, writes Toni Van Pelt of the National Organization for Women

Advocacy Groups On the Importance of Celebrating Juneteenth

This important date still receives little attention—and often outright hostility—from those outside the Black community. School textbooks identify the Emancipation Proclamation as ending slavery, ignoring that it persisted for years in some regions. The relative obscurity of Juneteenth in our national dialogue serves as a reminder that White supremacy is still entrenched in how Americans understand our history—and its impact on the present.

Don’t give rapists power over women

We need state laws that protect women, safeguard children and deny safe harbor to rapists who seek continued control over the women they’ve attacked.

National Organization for Women Condemns Assaults Against Sudan’s Women

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On April 11, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was arrested and forced from power by a military coup after thirty years of dictatorship rule. Women were at the forefront, organizing peaceful protests against Bashir, that began on the… Read more »

Head of NOW rallies abortion-rights supporters in Rhode Island

“The Trump administration has given a blank check to the religious right to enact a fundamentalist vision of government that is straight out of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.”

NOW Celebrates the Centennial of the Senate Passing the Nineteenth Amendment

WASHINGTON, D.C. — One hundred years ago, on June 4th, 1919, Congress passed the Nineteenth Amendment and sent it off to the states for ratification. The amendment is brief, simply stating: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not… Read more »

NOW Celebrates Pride Month, Honors Stonewall Anniversary

WASHINGTON D.C. — This Pride Month marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 June Stonewall Uprising in New York City. Three nights of resistance at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in New York’s Greenwich Village ignited the modern LGBTQIA+ movem… Read more »

Several States Passing Strict Abortion Restrictions

Several states are enacting harsh new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) joins RFL to discuss us how bad it’s getting.

Advocate says Indiana abortion law heightens importance of getting more women elected to state legislatures

“When we have more women in office, more women making these decisions, we won’t see these kinds of horrific laws.”

What’s NOW Doing?


Democrats Grapple With ‘Electability’ Question as White Men Lead Diverse Field

The result is an unfair playing field, tilted against women and minority candidates as they vie for media coverage, donations and votes, said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women.

Abortion Right Advocates Say Nationwide Protests Were Only The Beginning

“Lawmakers need to listen to all of those grass-roots activists out in the streets yesterday, because they will most certainly be voting come November,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, told Newsweek. “The fact is, the m… Read more »

America is waging a war against women with its anti-abortion bills and it’s not pro-life or religious, it’s political

Lawmakers should not be punishing women for exercising their basic reproductive freedoms, and those who do must be voted out of office,” National Organization for Women President Toni Van Pelt

Alabama’s “Worst-of-Its-Kind” Abortion Ban an Explicit Effort to Destroy Roe, Warn Rights Groups

“This unconstitutional measure would send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health, and lives,” warned Toni Van Pelt of the National Organization for Women (NOW). “We strongly oppose this bill an… Read more »

Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions

The National Organization for Women denounced the ban’s passage. “This unconstitutional measure would send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health and lives,” the organization said in a statemen… Read more »

Alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in US

The National Organization for Women called the bill “unconstitutional” and said its passage would “send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health, and lives.”

Alabama Senate bans nearly all abortions, including rape cases

“This is a transparent effort to drum up political support for anti-abortion candidates in upcoming elections and serves as a direct threat to women’s health, autonomy and pursuit of happiness,” NOW said in a statement.

Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions

“This unconstitutional measure would send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health and lives,” the organization said in a statement. “NOW firmly believes that women have the constitutional right… Read more »

Alabama passes bill banning abortion

The National Organization for Women called the ban “unconstitutional” and said it was “a transparent effort to drum up political support for anti-abortion candidates in upcoming elections”.

Alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in US

The National Organization for Women called the bill “unconstitutional” and said its passage would “send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health, and lives.”

‘Heartbeat’ bills are just an excuse to attack Roe v. Wade protections: Today’s talker

‘This national and well-funded campaign by extremists is far out of step with mainstream views on abortion rights,’ says Toni Van Pelt, NOW president.

Guest opinion: Women’s health, privacy at risk in Montana

The so-called Montana Born Alive Infant Protection Act is nothing more than a political gimmick designed to elevate a nonexistent problem into a wedge to use against supporters of abortion rights.

Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Efforts

Toni Van Pelt of the National Organization for Women talked about ongoing efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Republicans Want to Make a Debate Over Discrimination into an Abortion Battle

“I think that the use of abortion rights to oppose the ERA is another red herring,” National Organization for Women President Toni Van Pelt said Tuesday. “They’re just trying to keep women from power—and their arguments are old and tired.”

Congressional Leaders, Actors and Activists Advocates Call for Ratification of ERA

“As evidenced by this historic hearing, momentum is growing to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment,” said National Organization for Women President Toni Van Pelt. “For more than 50 years NOW has mounted countless actions to protect the equal righ… Read more »

Patricia Arquette, Alyssa Milano push Congress to move Equal Rights Amendment

“We are equal, but we need to be put in the Constitution,” said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women. “We need to be recognized. And we need men to stand with us.”

Congress holds hearing on Equal Rights Amendment revival

“No more excuses. No more excuses,” Rep. Jackie Spear, D-Calif.

Ga.’s proposed abortion ban puts women, doctors at great risk

The so-called “heartbeat” bill that would effectively ban abortion in Georgia about six weeks into the pregnancy, before most women even know they are pregnant, is all about power — not health.

Protect Women, Not the N.R.A.

The N.R.A. wants to leave open the “boyfriend loophole,” which allows intimate partners who are convicted of domestic violence, stalking or abuse to keep their firearms.

Revolutionary women are changing Washington, but old habits die hard

The record numbers of women in Congress and the incredible diversity they represent is bringing new energy and purpose to Washington.

Equal Pay Day: NOW President Has Some Ideas for Closing Gender Pay Gap

It’s “simply discrimination,” said Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW). “It’s taking us over three months on average to earn the same amount of money.” ~ Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Wo… Read more »

2020 Election Could Bring First Woman President but Who Will it Be? Women’s Groups Say ‘This Train Can’t Be Stopped’

Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), shared a similar sentiment, telling Newsweek: “I do think that we will have a woman candidate coming out of the primary. I don’t think any longer that it’s ‘if.’ I don’t think this… Read more »

Dems in limbo as Biden’s 2020 decision ‘a few weeks’ away

Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women, said Democrats should nominate a woman to go up against Trump in 2020.


Toni Van Pelt, the president of the National Organization for Women, argued that the Browns’s decision to sign Hunt was proof that the NFL continued to disregard women.

The Equal Rights Amendment Is Not Dead Yet

The mission of the ERA, as set out in its first clause, was simple enough: to ensure that “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Wilbur Ross, Lara Trump are so out of touch, it’s embarrassing.

It is time for President Donald Trump and his advisers to stop playing political games with the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Americans and open the government immediately.

Sanders contrite as 2016 aides face harassment allegations

“I’m not the least bit surprised,” …

‘Women’s lives in danger’: Government shutdown holds up funds for sexual violence survivors

The concern is that the funding flow for the Violence Against Women Act “may be stopped, which will put women’s lives in danger,” the head of the National Organization for Women said.

NOW Salutes Our Co-Founder Pauli Murray (1910 – 1985)

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: NOW Salutes Our Co-Founder Pauli Murray (1910 – 1985) A feminist icon ahead of her time who challenged race and gender discrimination in legal, societal, academic and religious circles. Pauli’s Legacy Lives On – Anna Pauline “Pauli… Read more »

New Roy Moore accusers challenged by his lawyer

NOW President Toni Van Pelt discusses the sexual misconduct allegations facing Roy Moore on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber. 

Divorcees warily eye GOP plan to cut alimony tax deduction

“We are really concerned because it would make tough, tense negotiations between couples even worse.”

As veil of silence falls, Weinstein effect keeps growing

“This is the patriarchy starting to crumble.”

Harvey Weinstein effect: Men are getting outed and some are getting fired as women speak up. And it’s spreading.

“As long as we keep women from earning a rightful living in every sense of the word, we won’t change.”

HHS Makes Discriminating Against Reproductive Rights Central To Its Mission

A woman’s reproductive choices should be between herself and a licensed health care provider, not Congress, not the President of the United States, not the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and not someone’s religious beliefs.

Everyone is outraged over sexual harassment, but will this moment bring real change?

Revelations about sexual harassment have been enabled by women’s advancement in the workplace, Van Pelt says; greater economic security means less potential fallout for naming names.

Woody Allen’s Weinstein Comments Example of ‘Men Protecting Men,’ Activist Says

Van Pelt said she hoped Weinstein’s case, and Allen’s comments, would help illuminate right from wrong for other men.

Lean In And Women’s Economic Empowerment In The Age Of Trump

“We don’t talk about the men, and how the men should change.”

National Organization for Women urges Hollywood to ‘end the silence that surrounds sexual abuse’

The National Organization for Women quickly praised the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the expulsion of Harvey Weinstein on Saturday, but warned Hollywood not to be complacent about systemic abuse of women in the industry.

British film academy suspends Harvey Weinstein

The National Organization of Women (NOW) has called on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to revoke Weinstein’s membership, saying that “after decades of abusing his power to prey on women, the last place he should be is in Hollywood’s most powerful club.”

National Organization for Women Calls for Harvey Weinstein to Lose Academy Membership

“A sexual predator doesn’t deserve the privilege of an Academy membership — and all the opportunities to wield outsize power that come with it.”

New NOW president found activist roots in Pinellas

Toni said she’s hopeful the energy from new activists is sustained.

How the Military Shields Sexual Predators

Commanders shouldn’t be the arbiters of justice in military sexual assault cases.

When We March For Black Women, We March Towards True Equality

As feminists we support the march because the oppression of one group — or a number of groups — halts progress for all.

NOW president: Persist, Resist, Unite

The National Organization for Women is pushing back and ramping up its strategy.

5 Things to Be Thankful for on Women’s Equality Day

There’s a surge of inspiring grassroots activism.

Veteran activist from Florida chosen as NOW’s new leader

Toni Van Pelt, 69, who has been active for decades in NOW’s Florida affiliates, was elected Saturday night at the organization’s national conference in Orlando, Florida. Elected as vice president was her running mate, Gilda Yazzie, a Navajo Indian from Durango, Colorado.

White House council for women and girls goes dark under Trump

“I see no evidence, zero, that Donald Trump has anyone in his orbit to advocate for women and girls,” said O’Neill, who worked closely with the council to develop a provision in the Affordable Care Act that provides contraception to women without co-pay. “We need a real office that would really advocate.”

Trump Administration Quietly Cuts Grants for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

“This is yet another anti-women policy that kills women,” Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), told Healthline. “It is really awful and it is very, very dangerous.”

How I Know For Sure Trump Is No Match For Feminism

Feminists are fighting back from a place of strength. We stand in proud solidarity with communities of color, with immigrants, refugees and Muslims, with LGBTQIA people and those with disabilities.

Exit interview: NOW’s O’Neill on GOP health policy and maternal deaths

Terry O’Neill has a warning at the end of her eight-year tenure heading the National Organization for Women: there is a connection between increasing maternal mortality in the United States and GOP policies under consideration in the U.S. Congress.

Plotting an O’Reilly Comeback With an Eye on Fox

As the National Organization for Women president, Terry O’Neill, said to me, “Any network that hires him, what they’re doing is sending a message to women: ‘We don’t care about sexual harassment.’”

Issue Advisory: Research Needed for ME/CFS

Click here to download this Issue Advisory as a PDF ISSUE ADVISORY: NOW Foundation Women’s Health: Research needed on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Neglected and Misdiagnosed Disease that Strikes Mostly Women May 12, 2017 Rivka’… Read more »

O’Reilly Show Loses More Advertisers Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Pressure continued to mount on Fox News on Tuesday to address harassment accusations against its top-rated host, Bill O’Reilly, as the National Organization for Women called for his ouster and five companies said they were pulling their advertisements from his show.

National Organization for Women Calls for Bill O’Reilly to Be Fired Amid Harassment Claims

NOW also called for an investigation into “the culture of sexual harassment” at Fox News.

Neil Gorsuch’s Contempt for Women

Putting Trump’s nominee on the Supreme Court would be devastating to women’s rights and access to reproductive care.

Pumping Life Into the Equal Rights Amendment

The National Organization for Women is already taking aim at Virginia and Illinois, where the amendment has had considerable support but has been defeated in recent years.

TrumpCare will fail all women

One of the most dangerous “alternative facts” coming from the White House these days is that the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — is an abject failure on the brink of collapse.

Thirty-five years past a deadline set by Congress, Nevada ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, said she hoped Nevada’s ratification would embolden some other states like Virginia and Illinois to follow the Silver State’s lead.

Here Are All of the Ways You Can Participate in the Women’s Strike

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization of Women, pointed out that, even if you have to go into the office, you should still try to engage your co-workers in conversations about the strike.

How Much Progress Have We Made Since Women Went On Strike In 1970?

On Wednesday, nearly half a century after Friedan’s demonstration, women across the country will once again hold strikes and protests, in a different political context this time, but with similar goals.

The strike is on: Women protest as part of ‘Day Without a Woman’

Women’s March on Washington organizers made their first large-scale attempt Wednesday to build on the momentum of their January march, calling on women across the country to skip work and take to the streets to resist the policies of the new presidential administration.

‘A Day Without A Woman’ Brings Women Back To D.C. Streets

“Do without Starbucks for a day, pack your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, and just don’t shop,” O’Neill said. “Women are the primary consumer spenders in this country.”

Decades later, Nevada Legislature tries for a do-over to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

“I think what is really going on is women in this country are extremely energized,” O’Neill said. “Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million, and part of the reason she won is she ran a proudly feminist and inclusive campaign.”

Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? This organization says it’s time.

The president of National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill, says it’s time for the Boy Scouts of America to start including girls.

After Trump’s inauguration, half a million women will march for equality

O’Neill doesn’t mince words when it comes to the threat she believes the Trump administration poses to women.

What the Women’s March Wants

It’s a march about women’s rights that are very much imperiled by the policies President-elect Trump appears headed for.

Ex-wife of Labor nominee leveled abuse claims on ‘Oprah’

I can’t imagine a single organization that cares about women that would not vigorously oppose [Andrew Puzder].

Can Women’s Marchers Find a Way to Reconcile Their Differences?

The people I spoke to at the march know we’ve got a long road. … They know that we’re going to lose a lot of battles in Washington, D.C. But they also know that there are really promising possibilities at the state and community level.

Trump’s inauguration will be protested in all 50 states and in 32 countries

The message here is women’s rights are human rights, and we are not taking a single step back.

Two crowds on the National Mall with two very different messages

As I looked out at the massive crowd at the Women’s March last Saturday, I saw a direct line stretching across the history of the women’s movement.

Before we march on Jan. 21

NOW President Terry O’Neill writes for The Hill: “Feminist activism does not begin, and does not end, with the Women’s March.”

Stand Up for Women’s Health

Lawmakers like Marsha Blackburn are bullying and persecuting abortion providers for doing their jobs.

‘That’s the Job’: Former Hardee’s Actress Recounts ‘Sexist’ Advertising as ‘French Me Femme’

Women’s rights advocates, Democrats and labor organizations have criticized CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder’s appointment as labor secretary, not least because of the depiction of women in his company’s advertising

A Wave of Anti-Abortion Legislation Expected in 2017

“Women will have abortions. The only question is whether they will be safe,” O’Neill said.

Women’s rights face a daunting new year worldwide, campaigners warn

“The number of abortions never goes down very much, regardless of the law,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. “What does go down is the safety and affordability of abortions.”

Labor secretary pick ripped over use of racy ads

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, said Puzder has a history of pushing advertisements that are “deeply sexist and misogynistic.”

New Bill Proposes College Transcripts Include Rape Charges

O’Neill recognizes that the bill might have its detractors, although she thinks passing it is “a no brainer.”

This Tweet Shows How The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Essentially Bans Abortions

Ohio’s unconstitutional attempt to ban abortion care will–without a doubt–put women’s lives at risk. It is morally reprehensible.

The Way Forward

The progressive community should come together to demand an end to voter suppression.

Americans Gave “Unprecedented” Millions to Causes in Trump’s Line of Fire

Last Wednesday morning—hours after results of the election came in—the website of the National Organization for Women crashed due to overwhelming traffic.

National Organization for Women president addresses presidential election, intersectional feminism

Terry O’Neill said those who don’t find the normalization of President-elect Donald Trump to be a problem should think again.

White Women Sent a Terrible Message on Tuesday, Whether They Meant to Or Not

People are going to be absorbing the fact that she won the popular vote as an unashamed feminist woman fighting for women and their families. That’s huge.

What a Donald Trump victory means for women

53 percent of white women cast their ballot for Trump – a disturbing realisation to many in the women’s rights movement.

27 Productive Things You Can Do If You’re Upset About The Election

The National Organization for Women was included in BuzzFeed’s list of progressive organizations to support after the 2016 election.

A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support

NOW was included in Jezebel’s list of progressive organizations to support after the 2016 election.

“Women for Hillary” Clinton Bus Tour stops in Orlando

The National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, and other allies of the Clinton campaign rallied at their East Orlando office.

Roger Goodell ‘has learned nothing,’ says NOW president on NFL commish’s handling of domestic violence issues

The president of the National Organization for Women says that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gets a big “F” when it comes to how he has addressed domestic violence in the NFL.

Trump defiant in face of accusations

It was bad enough that Trump has been running a campaign promoting racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies. Now we see him as a misogynistic individual attacking individual women.

Trump’s comments on women trigger outrage from all corners

“Someone with such disrespect for women, with such a misogynistic lifestyle who boasts about using his power to sexually assault women cannot — and will not — be the leader of this country,” said National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill.”

In Valley, NOW president, AG slam Trump as ‘unfit’ to serve

During a brief speech to local Democrats, O’Neill urged them to come out in big numbers on Nov. 8 and assure a Clinton win in the battleground state of Virginia.

Group pushes debate moderator to ask questions submitted by public

Sunday’s presidential debate was supposed to include online questions submitted by Americans. But it turns out that not many were asked.

Outlawing Revenge Porn: How Congress Can Protect Privacy and Reduce Online Harassment

The president of the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill, stated that having the full force of the federal government supporting victims of these attacks will be important to both see justice done and to prevent future cases.

9 prominent feminists on what Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy really means

I’m keenly aware that for the generations that came of age after me, or are coming of age now, like my 25-year-old daughter, this moment validates their self-confidence and sense of possibility in a very different way. They haven’t been asking themselves, “Can a woman be president?” To millennials, the answer is self-evident: Of course she can.

Zika Outbreak Puts Focus on Abortion Access

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, says anti-abortion laws disproportionately impact women of color.

Terry O’Neill Slams Trump’s Expectation That His Daughter Would “Find Another Job” If Sexually Harassed

The question to Donald Trump was what would you do– and his response was what Ivanka would do– it was Ivanka’s ‘job,’ its her problem, she needs to handle it. That is exactly why sexual harrament is such a huge problem in the workplace.

Feminist icon leads renewed drive to pass ERA by 2020

Patti Singer writes for USA Today: “‘The one thing I thought of was the Anita Hill hearings,’ O’Neill said. ‘Guess what happened after those hearings. We ended up with the most women in the United States Congress that we ever had. I think that needs to happen again.’”

10 women who deserve to be on the $10 bill: a handy list for future debates

Remembered as a pioneer of women’s rights and feminism, Friedan released her book The Feminine Mystique in 1963. It explored the idea of women finding personal fulfilment outside their traditional roles. In 1966 she co-founded the National Organization for Women. After stepping down as president in 1970, she organized the Women’s Strike for Equality, drawing more than 50,000 women and men.

Before Looking at Developing World’s Gender-Equality Gap, U.S. Needs to Look at Own Backyard

There are many paths toward gender equality for all women and girls. But before we in the U.S. presume that’s only a problem in the developing world, let’s take a closer look at our own backyard.

Obama encouraged to end religious hiring exemption

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was intended to protect religious freedom in individual cases, and not to ‘create blanket exemptions to laws that protect against discrimination.’ Signers included the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, the National Organization for Women and leading gay-rights organizations.

FDA Approves First Drug To Boost Women’s Sexual Desire

The decision was welcomed by some doctors and women’s advocates, who said they hoped it would open to the door to more drugs to help women with sexual problems. ‘Clearly we need more than just one medication — women need to have an array of choices that meets their specific medical needs,’ says Terry O’Neill of the National Organization for Women. ‘So with this success I think there will be more development of more medications. And that is all to the good.’

‘The Seventies’: Feminism makes waves

Ryan Bergeron writes for CNN: “The National Organization for Women, which was founded in 1966 and advocated for a “fully equal partnership of the sexes,” soon endorsed the ERA and made passing it into the U.S. Constitution a top priority. (The amendment had been unsuccessfully presented to every session of Congress between 1923 and 1970.)”

Two Million Voices Ring Out for Social Security Expansion — And That’s Just the Beginning!

NOW President Terry O’Neill writes for the Huffington Post Blog: “Yesterday I stood in front of the White House along with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), leaders of the Economic Policy Institute, MoveOn, Democracy for America and other allies to deliver a petition signed by over 2 million Americans in support of expanding Social Security.

This Day in History: National Organization for Women was Founded

On June 30, 1966, Betty Friedan wrote three letters on a paper napkin: N O W. She invited fifteen women to her hotel room. Then, Catherine Conroy slid a five-dollar bill onto the table and said, “Put your money down and sign your name.” In that moment, the National Organization for Women became a reality. As representatives at the Third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women, these women were disgruntled by the lack of commitment to the convention’s theme, “Targets for Action.” Inspired by the Civil Rights movement and historic marches such as in Selma, the women founded a parallel effort to ensure the equal treatment of both sexes. They brainstormed an alternate action plan to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on sex, race, color, nationality, and religion.

The fight for a ‘female Viagra’

“It looks to me like there are more hurdles being put in front of this drug than there have been on drugs addressing male dysfunction,” Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, told The Washington Post after flibanserin was rejected a second time. “Obviously, everyone only wants drugs to get on the market if they are proven safe and effective. But we don’t want attitudes to get in the way of a good drug.”

Who’s Ready for ‘Hillary’ and ‘Elizabeth’?

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, said she believed that Obama’s remark was “sexist” and belittling, that Obama “was trying to build up his own trustworthiness on this issue by convincing us that Senator Warren’s concerns are not to be taken seriously.”

More women’s groups condemn ‘Game of Thrones’ rape plotlines

The National Organization for Women’s New York chapter and Safe Horizon, the nation’s largest domestic violence victims group, condemned the show’s violence against women — a trend that includes anger from a prominent politician and some critics. “Gratuitous rape scenes feed the rape culture,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of the NOW chapter, said on Tuesday. “HBO is guilty of this gratuity and of pornifying television in general.”

NOW Prez: Hillary Set to Bring a ‘Sea Change to Our Politics’; Will Suffer More ‘Silly’ Attacks

National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill ripped critics of Hillary Clinton from the 1990s to the present for leveling “silly” attacks on the Democratic presidential candidate as she’s looking to “bring another sea change to our politics.”

NOW Foundation Joins Amicus Briefs in Supreme Court Cases

1. Marriage Equality: Obergefell v. Hodges, Tanco v. Haslam, DeBoer v. Snyder, Bourke v. Beshear 2. Pregnancy Discrimination: Young v. United Parcel Service 3. Women’s Access to Health Insurance Coverage: King v. Burwell 4. Domestic Violence and Housing: Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. 5. Marriage Equality Cases That Have Been Decided: Kitchen v. Herbert, and Bishop v. Smith

Florida Senate panel approves 24-hour abortion waiting period

“We should not have this interference, especially from men who don’t conceive and don’t have babies,” Barbara DeVane, a lobbyist for the National Organization for Women, said after the Senate Health Policy Committee approved the bill. “They are for de-regulation of everything except women’s decisions about their own health.”

Poor women will face more problems if 20-week abortion ban proposal is adopted: Anita Rios, Ohio National Organization for Women

Shortening the window of time during which Ohio’s women can have legal abortions will only create problems for poor women. Wealthy people will always be able to travel to states with more liberal abortion laws. Undoubtedly, just as women have done throughout the ages, women will take matters into their own hands and this will result in needless suffering and injury. In every culture throughout the world and throughout time abortions have been the last resort of desperate women facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Democrats: The GOP’s ‘war on women’ is back

Author Mike DeBonis writes for The Washington Post: “Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, called the deadlock a “dramatic escalation of the Republican leadership’s war on women.” After all but four Senate Democrats voted to filibuster the anti-trafficking bill over the abortion provision Tuesday, McConnell pledged to continue debate until the deadlock is broken — thus pushing back the Lynch confirmation vote, perhaps until April.”

NOW slams ‘sexist’ Warren Buffett over Warren comments

Author Kevin Cirilli writes for The Hill: “O’Neill said those statements don’t add up. “He claims he believes in ‘praising by name and criticizing by category,’ but turns around and criticizes Sen. Warren by name — not category — saying ‘she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less,’ ” O’Neill said.”

Women’s rights activist urges female anatomy lesson for Idaho lawmaker

Author Laura Zuckerman writes for Reuters: “A National Organization for Women executive urged an Idaho state lawmaker on Wednesday to consult with his female relatives about anatomy after he appeared to suggest during a legislative hearing that pills swallowed by women traveled to the uterus.”

Equal Rights Amendment to be Introduced by Next Week in North Carolina House by Representative Carol Cunningham

A press release by Asheville Chapter of the National Organization for Women writes: “Women have no guaranteed rights under the Constitution other than the right to vote,” said Sherri McLendon, president of the Asheville chapter of the National Organization for Women. “It’s time to change that.”

The Pink Pill: Viagra for the female brain

Article and corresponding video interview from Katie Couric, Yahoo’s Global News Anchor. The article highlights moments from the video interview, in which Katie Couric explores Sprout Pharmaceutical’s drug “flibanserin”.

Fight Over ‘Female Viagra’ That’s Been Raging For Years Pits Scientists Against Feminists

Article describing the cultural debate surrounding flibanserin, a drug aimed to increase female libido and treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD).

Female Libido Pill Fires Up Debate About Women And Sex

“‘We live in a culture that has historically discounted the importance of sexual pleasure and sexual desire for women,’ says Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. ‘And I fear that it’s that cultural attitude that men’s sexual health is extremely important, but women’s sexual health is not so important. That’s the cultural attitude that I want to be sure the FDA has not, maybe unconsciously, imported into its deliberative process.'”

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry: Lessons

Article describing the new film “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”, from Director Mary Dore. The film provides a passionate summary of the “Second Wave” of feminism, highlighting events from 1966-1971 that have shaped the Women’s Movement.

Preventing domestic violence could help economy

Article about efforts in Wisconsin to support victims and survivors of domestic violence; a lack of funding for these organizations results in many survivors going without the resources and support they need. Image of members of the The National Organi… Read more »

Democratic War On Women Becomes A Friendly Fire Zone

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, noted that Democrats are leading the policy fight for legislation that would bar employers from refusing to accommodate pregnancies. “It’s completely in my view outrageous that the Democr… Read more »

Women’s groups blast NFL’s new personal conduct policy

Women’s advocacy groups on Thursday excoriated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s changes to the league’s personal conduct policy, saying it does not do enough to help victims and hold players who commit domestic violence accountable. “It’s an exercise i… Read more »

How Roger Goodell’s Blind Side Shattered the NFL’s Reputation

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, writes in an article for Time about the NFL, Roger Goodell, and Ray Rice. She challenges the victim blaming, manipulation of law enforcement, and misleading of the public in the aftermath… Read more »

Janay Rice calls out Roger Goodell, says Ray Rice ‘told the honest truth’

“Roger Goodell’s failed leadership strikes again,” said a statement from NOW President Terry O’Neill. “NOW has been saying all along that the NFL doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem, it has a violence against women problem. “An independent judge has called… Read more »

Ray Rice wins suspension appeal, immediately reinstated

The National Organization for Women again called for Goodell’s resignation and an independent investigation into the NFL’s response to domestic violence incidents. “Instead of listening to the multiple domestic violence experts that have approached Goo… Read more »

Popcorn Preview: She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

This article is a review and summary of the movie “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” a recently released documentary about the beginning of the women’s movement in the 1960’s with a focus on NOW’s origins and activism.

Health Insurance for Women: How to Pick the Best Plan

There are many ways women can best use the Affordable Care Act to their advantage by finding a plan that fits all their needs including contraception, maternity coverage, and care for children.  “An infant is six times more likely to die in infancy if… Read more »

Outrage grows over Bridgewater State keeping rapes secret

The head of a national women’s group says it’s “outrageous” that Bridgewater State University officials withheld the names of two men charged with rape on campus and did not notify students and staff about the incidents last month. “We know that rape is a serial crime,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization of Women based in Washington, D.C. “The names of the accused rapists really need to be made public.”

National Organization for Women outraged over rape victims being charged

The local chapter of the National Organization for Women blasts the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals saying the agency took no action to protect victims of sexual assault. This, after a policy change allowed for victims to be billed for related medical services at hospitals.

NOW is the time for change

O’Neill’s passion about public policy that works for the benefit of women is evident. She talks about every point with a conviction that seems born directly out of personal experience. While much of our conversation focused on economic justice, that’s just one of the six core issues NOW works to change. Constitutional equality, reproductive rights, racial justice, LGBT rights, and ending violence against women are also high on the NOW priority list. O’Neill says the equality for women can’t truly be achieved unless all of those issues are addressed.

National Organization for Women Calls on Roger Goodell to Resign, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Flips Out

“The NFL has lost its way. It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem,” NOW said in the statement, pointing to other incidents like Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy’s recent conviction on domestic abuse charges and a FiveThirtyEight study into domestic violence arrest rates in the league. NOW’s statement goes farther than many of the other calls for Goodell’s resignation, saying whoever succeeds him should also begin an investigation into how the NFL can reform its policies for preventing domestic violence (presumably beyond the “new” policy Goodell instituted in August).

Does slut-shaming start with school dress codes?

“The schools’ response tells young women that they are completely responsible for men’s behavior, which is an extraordinarily dangerous message. Women and girls are regularly blamed for the crimes committed against them,” said Chitra Panjabi, spokesperson for the National Organization for Women.

National Organization for Women calls for Roger Goodell to resign

“The National Organization for Women has called for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s resignation over the NFL’s domestic violence issues, NOW announced Wednesday. While NOW cited Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case, the group said Goodell should step down because of what it calls the league’s larger violence against women problem.”

NOW asks for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resign

Critics are ripping Goodell’s handling of the situation, and Wednesday the National Organization for Women called for his resignation. Here is a part of NOW’s statement: “The only workable solution is for Roger Goodell to resign, and for his successor to appoint an independent investigator with full authority to gather factual data about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking within the NFL community, and to recommend real and lasting reforms.”

NOW wants Roger Goodell out

Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women, has called for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resign, citing Ray Rice’s assault on his now-wife as just one of many examples of the league’s failure to act against domestic violence.

NFL commissioner doesn’t rule out a return for Rice

“The NFL has lost its way. It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. “The NFL sets the example for college, high school, middle school and even elementary school football programs. And the example it is setting right now is simply unacceptable. New leadership must come in with a specific charge to transform the culture of violence against women that pervades the NFL.”

Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Groups React to Rice Release, Suspension

NOW officer Chitra Panjabi expresses the need for action against domestic violence in the NFL for CBS Houston, “This is not the first time that domestic violence has occurred in the league, and it shouldn’t be that when you have a media storm that a response should be made. This should be something that the league is working on all the time.”

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Won’t Air Abortion Documentary

“Mississippi NOW president Laurie Bertram Roberts issued an action alert this morning encouraging people to call and email MPB to express displeasure with MPB’s decision. She said private message boards of Mississippi activists were lighting up with anger and concern last night.”

Mass arrests outside White House as protesters ask relief for illegal immigrants

Pamela Constable writes for The Washington Post: “Other protesters who were photographed, placed in plastic handcuffs and taken into custody included Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women; Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America; and several illegal immigrants associated with Casa de Maryland and Virginia.”

How Secular Liberals Should Talk to Religious Conservatives

Michael Dorf writes for Verdict: I was honored to share the platform with National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill and New York Planned Parenthood board member Leslie Danks Burke. Although we each described different aspects of the case… Read more »

Washington Post Defends George Will’s Atrocious Rape Column

The National Organization for Women called for Will to “take a break” from his column, maybe go sit in a corner, think about what he’s done.

NOW: Post should drop George Will column

The National Organization for Women is calling on The Washington Post to drop George Will’s column after his controversial claim that sexual assault on college campuses “make victimhood a coveted status” that “confers privileges.”

EXCLUSIVE: NOW President Calls On Washington Post to Drop George Will Over Rape Column

Joe Strupp writes for Media Matters for America: “The National Organization for Women is urging The Washington Post to drop George Will’s column after he downplayed the prevalence of campus sexual assault and suggested some college efforts to curb it ‘make victimhood a coveted status.'”

Karen DeCrow, former NOW president, honored by Rep. Dan Maffei in House speech (video)

Mark Weiner writes for “U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei delivered a speech on the House floor Tuesday honoring the life of Karen DeCrow, a national women’s rights leader from Syracuse who died Friday in Jamesville.”

NOW president promotes Women’s Equality Agenda

Terry O’Neill visited New York last Thursday to push the state legislature in Albany to pass Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed ten-point Women’s Equality Act, which hopes to end gender-based discrimination.

How the #YesAllWomen Hashtag Began

Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece on #YesAllWomen and Twitter’s response to the Isla Vista murders.

‘Freedom of ’ and ‘Freedom from’

Patricia Miller writes in Conscience: “Today there are two movements claiming to champion religious liberty in the United States. Both the groups defending authentic religious liberty, and those fighting for a distorted version, have been facing off in courts, state houses and opinion pages across the United States.”

23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men

Thanks to feminist activists and organizations like NOW, everyone’s lives are getting better–including men’s.

Alternative to Pap Test is Approved by F.D.A.

The F.D.A. has approved a new test to detect HPV, but NOW is part of a coalition concerned that the new test hasn’t gone through enough testing and could cause unnecessary cancer scares, especially in young women.

Supreme Court Tackles Obamacare Contraception Controversy

Terry O’Neill explains that Hobby Lobby and companies like it are using corporate “religious freedom” as an excuse to oppress workers’ rights.

GOP Senate candidate mocks ‘war on women’

GOP candidate for Senate in Michigan Terri Lynn Land finds herself in hot water over anti-equal pay statements made in 2010. Ed Shultz and Terry O’Neill (NOW President) discuss.

How Big Data Could Undo Our Civil Rights Laws

As more and more of our personal information is easily accessible, women and trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer people are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and harassment.

NOW state rep talks with the TransAdvocate about TERFs, trans-inclusion and civil rights

Cristan Williams interviews Poppy Northcutt, President of Houston area NOW and Texas NOW, on her chapters’ longtime inclusion of trans activists. Says Poppy: “We didn’t have to go looking for enemies to our cause; they were everywhere around us.  So wh… Read more »

Equal Pay Day – Gap bigger in Louisiana

The pay gap in Louisiana is the second worse in the country, and women’s rights activists–including the Louisiana NOW president–are speaking out against the disparity.

New Fed chief Janet Yellen lets a long career of breaking barriers speak for itself

NOW’s campaign to get Janet Yellen selected as the new Federal Reserve Chair is paying off.

The Ed Show 2/7/2014

Terry speaks on voter turnout during the midterms and other feminist priorities on Ed Shultz’s radio show.

Montana Judge Admits Fault For Blaming Rape Victim In State Supreme Court Filing

Judge G. Todd Baugh, who suggested the victim was partially at fault during her rapist’s trial, and only sentenced the perpetrator to 30 days in jail, is facing censure from the state’s highest court after admitting to violating judicial standards. “Th… Read more »

‘Female Viagra’ finds difficult path at FDA

As flibanserin, the drug touted as the “female Viagra” struggles to get approved by the FDA, NOW wonders if sexism is at play. “It looks to me like there are more hurdles being put in front of this drug than there have been on drugs addressing male dys… Read more »

30 Days In Prison Is Enough for Rapist, Defense Attorneys Say

Montana NOW is protesting a Montana judge’s decision to sentence a teacher to only 30 days in jail for raping a student. The sentence is so light likely because of the illusion of shared blame promoted in the courtroom, as Judge G. Todd Baugh insisted… Read more »

Lawyers seek dismissal in Mississippi stillborn-death case

A woman in Mississippi is being tried for “depraved heart murder” because prosecutors claim that the then-16-year-old’s cocaine use caused her baby to be stillborn. NOW, among others, is urging the court to dismiss the charges.

Montana Rape Cases Draw Scrutiny

After a Montana judge sentenced a teacher who sexually assaulted a student to only thirty days in jail, Montana NOW and others fought back against the ruling. Now, cases like this are causing the state to reevaluate its court system.

In Maryland governor’s race, Mizeur criticizes Brown plan to help women as ‘lip service’

Maryland NOW has endorsed Del. Heather Mizeur, D-Montgomery, in the race for the Maryland governorship. Both Maryland NOW and Mizeur condemn her opponent Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s “Strong Women, Strong Maryland” initiative. “Anthony Brown’s plan is litt… Read more »

Why Does the US Still Have So Few Women in Office?

Women are still drastically underrepresented in government, despite the hard work that groups like NOW have done to get women elected.

My Custody Battle With Bode Miller

Sara McKenna has been accused of “appropriation of [a] child in-utero” when she moved to New York City after her ex, Bode Miller, filed for custody of their child in California. “It was unprecedented to have a judge basically accuse a woman of running… Read more »

What’s a ‘WILD’ Woman and What Does It Mean for the Labor Movement?

Women are essential to the labor movement–just ask Terry O’Neill, who spoke at the AFL-CIO’s WILD conference.

Measure of a man? Feminists, gays and societal shifts are eroding macho stereotypes

When women challenged gender roles, things opened up for men, too. “The women’s movement showed that women didn’t want to be restricted by their gender role, and it’s opened things up for men to not be restricted as well — they can be stay-at-home dads… Read more »

Activists and Families March Against Stand Your Ground

NOW joined Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in Tallahassee to march against Stand Your Ground Laws and Florida prosecutor Angela Corey. “We say to prosecutor Corey: Not only should you resign, you need to stay out of public office for 60 years. Tw… Read more »

Marissa Alexander Supporters Urge Governor to Suspend Angela Corey

NOW, along with the Color of Change advocacy group, is demanding Florida prosecutor Angela Corey be suspended. “Any way to get her out of office and for her to stay out of office is the goal,” says NOW president, Terry O’Neill.

Massachusetts Senate Votes for Childbirth Without Chains

Shackling happens to most prisoners, but is particularly abhorrent when pregnant prisoners in labor are subject to these restraints. The practice can endanger the health of both mother and baby. Massachusetts is one of only 18 states that prohibit the… Read more »

Congress: Obama Must Press Saudi Arabia on Human Rights

In preparation for President Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia, NOW–along with several other non-profits–signed onto a Congressional letter urging our president to confront the Kingdom’s human rights abuses, which include “violations targeting women.”

Hobby Lobby Case: ‘About Labor Rights and Religious Extremism, Not Birth Control’

“If people have to go outside their insurance plan to pay for birth control, that’s a healthcare issue, it’s an economic issue and it’s a workers’ rights issue.”–Chitra Panjabi, Membership Vice President of NOW. Read more from Chitra on how Hobby Lobb… Read more »

Pennsylvania NOW Endorses Billy Smith

For the first time in NOW history, the Pennsylvania Chapter endorsed a male Democrat over a female. The move is likely a response to incumbent Margo Davidson, D-Deleware, voted for increased restrictions on abortion clinics.

PHOTOS: Thousands Brave The Snow To Protest Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court Case

“Birth control is not even controversial except for in the minds of a very small — very vocal — but tiny sliver of extremists.” –Terry O’Neill, NOW President. Read more from Terry, and take in the beautiful pictures from the rally.

Birth Control is About Sex, So Why Aren’t We Admitting It?

NOW and other women’s organizations have done a wonderful job spreading awareness of the absurdity that is Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods’ Supreme Court case, but too-often we overlook a simple fact: birth control is about sex.

Memo to AOL: This is what’s really distressed

Terry O’Neill writes for CNBC: “The outcry over AOL Chief Executive Tim Armstrong’s comment that the birth of two “distressed babies” led to his decision to change the company’s 401 (k) plan was jaw-droppingly callous. But it is only part of the real story. When the firestorm hit, this particular CEO was able to walk back his comment and reverse the decision to scale back employee benefits. But under the radar, kicking the foundation away from employee retirement security is looking more and more like the new normal.”

Wily Wendy: Media, Political Opponents Employ Sexist Rhetoric Against Wendy Davis Campaign

Candice Bernd writes for Truth Out: “Soon after her gubernatorial campaign pulled in a fundraising boost, the Dallas Morning News reported during the weekend on discrepancies in Texas Sen. Wendy Davis’ life story. Her opponents and right-wing pundits hav…

Celebvocate: Kelly Rutherford on equal rights in family court

Actress Kelly Rutherford attends a lunch in honor of the NOW Foundation for its work in the family court system.

NOW President: Attacks on Roe v. Wade being fought at all levels

Carmen Russell writes for Voice of Russia: “This week, The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a review of a decision striking down an Oklahoma abortion law.” Interview with NOW president, Terry O’Neill, available at the link.

Social Security benefits may be on table in budget talks

Kevin G. Hall and William Douglas write for McClatchy-Washington Bureau: “With congressional budget negotiations moving behind closed doors, one item apparently on the table is changing the way cost-of-living adjustments are calculated for seniors, veter…

Women hit Statehouse to protest new abortion restrictions

Alex Fesler writes for The Columbus Dispatch: “Women’s advocates want Gov. John Kasich to know they do not support the health-care legislation that was part of the state budget and that they are not alone.”

Terry O’Neil on Reproductive Rights

Kasumi Hirokawa writes for Valley: “Terry O’Neill, the president of National Organization for Women (NOW), spoke Sunday night about the state of women’s reproductive rights in America.”

The Left Won’t Be Happy Until Janet Yellen Is Federal Reserve Chair

Evan McMorris-Santoro writes for Buzzfeed: “NOW president Terry O’Neill said the Summers news came as a surprise. She was convinced women’s groups were fighting with President Obama on the Fed chair nomination, and that Summers was on track for the job d…

Why Larry Summers Won’t Lead the Fed

Allie Jones writes for The Atlantice: “After an unusually divisive few months leading up to President Obama’s Fed chair nomination, Larry Summers decided he didn’t want to be considered for the job anymore. Summers was considered to be Obama’s top pick f…

Arizona to deny driver’s licenses to all deferred deportees

Cindy Carcamo write for the Los Angeles Times: “Arizona’s policy will harm abused women and children, said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. Abuse victims can qualify for deferred deportation under a separate program, which…

Elizabeth Warren Was Mostly Absent In The Left’s Fight Against Larry Summers

Kate Nocera writes for Buzzfeed: “NOW President Terry O’Neill said that even Warren’s quiet engagement on Summers — like signing the letter supporting Yellen — made a big impact. O’Neill said she was thrilled with Warren’s work on the issue.”

With Summers Out, Will Obama Turn To Yellen For Fed Post?

Avie Schneider writes for WNYC: “As Zarroli reports, Summers has long been unpopular with women’s groups because of comments he made as Harvard president about women’s aptitude for science. But Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Wo…

Janet Yellen Now Fed Chair Front-Runner, Sources Tell The Wall Street Journal

Ashley Alman writes for The Huffington Post: “A coalition of progressive groups and big donors pressed Senate Banking Committee members to oppose a Summers nomination before the former secretary withdrew. Among the groups were UltraViolet and the Nationa…

With Summers Out, Will Obama Turn To Yellen For Fed Post?

Avie Schneider writes for WAMU: “As Zarroli reports, Summers has long been unpopular with women’s groups because of comments he made as Harvard president about women’s aptitude for science. But Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Wo…

Larry Summers’ Federal Reserve Job Sunk By Liberal-Populist Coalition, Deep-Pocket Donors

Ryan Grimm writes for The Huffington Post: “Meanwhile, a coalition of progressive groups — which included UltraViolet and the National Organization for Women, two powerful women’s groups — teamed with the big donors and grassroots advocacy groups to pr…

Watch 100 Women Risk Arrest for Immigration Reform

Von Diaz provides video via Colorlines of the September 12, 2013 immigration reform civil disobedience.

Women’s Groups Rally for Immigration Reform

Julia Preston writes for The New York Times: “The 115 women arrested included Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, and Linda Meric, executive director of 9to5, both women’s groups that have not been prominent in pushing Congre…

Weil on Finance: Huffpo Crows

Jonathan Weil writes for Bloomberg: “Lots of progressive/liberal groups had come out in opposition to Summers, including, The Other 98%, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the National Organization for Women.”

The Populist Rebellion That Tripped Up Larry Summers

John Nichols writes for The Nation: “Like many progressive organizations, NOW expressed discomfort with the approach Summers has taken to core economic questions.”

Will there be justice in 14-year-old rape victim’s case?

Irin Carmon writes for “Last Thursday, among the hundreds of protesters outside the offices of a Montana judge who shortened to 30 days the sentence of a teacher convicted of raping his 14-year-old student, was a surprise guest: the judge hims…

Women’s groups push Janet Yellen for Fed job

Kevin Cirilli writes for Politico: “Women’s groups are intensifying their opposition to the possible nomination of Larry Summers to lead the Federal Reserve in an effort to pressure President Barack Obama to choose Janet Yellen for the job.”

Montana appeals 30-day rape sentence for former teacher

Laura Zuckerman writes for Reuters: “‘He needs to be removed from the bench. We will fight to the very end,’ said Marian Bradley, president of the Montana chapter of the National Organization for Women.”

Looks Like Larry Summers Nomination Doesn’t Appeal To Religious Groups, Either

Zach Carter writes for The Huffington Post: “The letter comes as a broad coalition of progressive political groups organizes to oppose a Summers nomination, citing his record of deregulatory judgments, derisive statements about women and his difficulty w…

Women play larger role in 2nd March on Washington

Gregg Zoroya and Eliza Collins quote NOW President Terry O’Neill in their piece for USA TODAY: “‘Fifty years ago, women were not up here speaking, but here we are today,’ Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, told a crowd that…

GOP has ‘doubled down on its war against women’: NOW president

Rachel Witkin writes for MSNBC online: “O’Neill cited the recent abortion bills brought up by Republicans in Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina as examples of the right’s failure to learn the lessons of 2012, when multiple Republican Senate candidates lost…

Women’s groups go on attack against Weiner

Paul Singer writes for USA Today: “National women’s groups are stepping up their efforts in the New York City mayors race to support City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and denounce former Congressman Anthony Weiner for his lewd online behavior.”

NOW holds discussion on diversity issues

Carrie Maxwell writes for The Windy City Times: “Promoting equality and diversity and ending discrimination and racism were the topics of a panel discussion at the National Organization for Women (NOW) annual conference at the Hilton Chicago hotel July 6…

Transgender issues discussed at NOW conference

Carrie Maxwell writes for The Windy City Times: “About 25 people attended a panel discussion on issues of inclusion, self-definition, and politics within the transgender community at the National Organization for Women (NOW) annual conference at the Hilt…

Political roundtable held at NOW conference

Carrie Maxwell writes for The Windy City Times: “How we win and why it matters was the topic of one of the plenary political roundtable discussions at the NOW conference July 6 at the Hilton Chicago. Former Ambassador and U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, f…

NOW focus includes marriage equality

Tracy Baim of The Windy City Times writes: “The National Organization for Women held their annual convention in Chicago the first week of July, announcing a special focus on two main issues nationally: marriage equality and social security. Several hundr…

Where Are We NOW?

Hear from NOW president Terry O’Neill in her piece for Fem2Pt0: “Last week in Chicago, as I convened the 2013 NOW national conference to order, I asked delegates to join me in making a personal commitment to electing a woman president of the United State…

Fayetteville residents add voices to Moral Monday protests in Raleigh

Roberta Waddle, president of Fayetteville NOW, is quoted in this piece by Alicia Banks of the Fay Observer: “‘Women are smart enough to take care of their bodies,’ she said. ‘Why is this legislature messing with medical decisions? If I have a broken leg,…

Chicago hosts NOW conference

ABC local affiliate in Chicago, IL covered the 2013 National NOW Conference: “The National Organization for Women will elect new officers during its conference in Chicago.”

Women May Get Into Augusta Easier Than Energy CEO Role

Jim Polson writes for Bloomberg News: “Women may have better odds of getting a membership at Augusta National Golf Club than becoming the chief executive officer of an energy company in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. (SPX) With its decision to name…

Will Hillary break the glass ceiling?

Watch NOW President Terry O’Neill on “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton” discussing Hillary Clinton’s on the fifth anniversary of Clinton’s “18 million cracks” speech.

Walmart Strikers Target Waltons, as NOW Calls Out Obamas

Josh Eidelson writes for The Nation: “Interviewed following the panel, NOW President Terri O’Neill told The Nation that ‘people have seen through the PR’ and that Walmart would not be able to mollify its critics with cosmetic changes.”

WAT’s Proust Questionnaire: Terry O’Neill Blazing a Trail for Women

NOW President Terry O’Neill answers Women Around Town’s Proust questionnaire.

Obama needs a Plan B on emergency contraception

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece by Geoffrey Crowley at MSNBC: “The drama surrounding morning-after birth control took a new twist Friday, as a federal judge heaped fresh scorn on the Obama administration for meddling with the nation’s…

Access to Health Care and Birth Control Is a Civil Right

Read NOW President Terry O’Neill’s new piece in the US News & World Report series “Debate Club”. The question being discussed is: Should the Plan B morning after pill be available to 15-year-olds?

Obama Picks Nominees for Commerce Dept. and Trade Representative

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece by Jackie Calmes for The New York Times: “President Obama rounded out his second-term cabinet choices on Thursday, nominating Penny Pritzker, his longtime financial backer and an heir to the Hyatt Hotel…

Critics want FDA to remove age limit on over-the-counter Plan B One-Step

Michelle Castillo writes for CBS News: “NOW asked President Barack Obama to follow the court order to make Plan B available to all women regardless of age without a prescription and without identification.”

Women’s Health Groups Slam Obama Administration’s Fight To Maintain Age Restrictions On Plan B

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece by Tara Culp-Ressler: “Late Wednesday evening, the Obama administration announced that it will appeal a recent court decision that ordered the FDA to make emergency contraception available to all women…

Obama doubles down to defend restrictions on the morning-after pill

Geoffrey Cowley writes for MSNBC: “They’re already feeling betrayed. NOW President Terry O’Neill dismisses the FDA’s watered-down approval as ‘an incremental advance, made against the hostility of people who claim they’re on our side.'”

Plan B available for 15-year-olds: Bring a passport

JoNel Aleccia writes for NBC News: “But women’s rights advocates said the decision also requires girls and women to show ID at the cash register and denies sale if they can’t produce it, noted Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Wom…

Feminist group to Obama administration: Lift all age restrictions on morning after pill

Statement by NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece by Caroline May of the Daily Caller: “The Food and Drug Administration’s announcement on Tuesday that the morning after pill will now be available without a prescription to women as young a…

Obama speech to Planned Parenthood a first in US presidency

See NOW President Terry O’Neill on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes discussing President Barack Obama’s speech at the 2013 Planned Parenthood National Conference.

Top Links: The chained CPI debate and the Obama budget’s last dig at Romney

NOW’s press release was included in MSNBC’s “Top Links” on the chained CPI, written by John Flowers: “In fact, The National Organization for Women lashed out at President Obama’s concession over chained CPI, saying it will hurt women more because they li…

Amid criticism, Obama begins sales pitch on budget plan

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this piece by Aamer Madhani and Susan Davis for USA Today: “‘Let’s face it: Instituting the chained CPI is like tripping someone at the end of a race after forcing them to run on the outside lane the whole way,’ s…

Obama on budget deal: ‘Not all these ideas are optimal’

Traci G. Lee writes for MSNBC: “As expected, President Obama sought cuts to Social Security benefits in his 2014 budget proposal to Congress on Wednesday, an idea Speaker John Boehner previously offered.”

Obama may trade one flawed Social Security formula for another

Kevin G. Hall quotes NOW President Terry O’Neill in a piece for McClatchy: “‘That’s not just malarkey, that’s damn malarkeym,’ Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, shouted during a small but spirited midday rally against the p…

2 million “no benefit cuts” signatures delivered to White House (video)

Gaius Plubius writes for AmericaBlog: “Terry O’Neill, Pres.: ‘I don’t get paid to care about protecting the Democratic brand. Women weren’t born Republican or Democrat.’ MoveOn speaker threatens Dem primaries. PCCC co-founder says Dems will pay if they v…

Liberals balk at Obama’s 2nd-term overtures to GOP

An article by the Associated Press, appearing at U.S. News & World Report, says: “But liberal Democrats, fresh off fighting to get Obama re-elected last year, say they’re disheartened that Obama isn’t sticking up for what they say are core Democratic…

NOW: Obama betraying, swindling, cheating women

Donovan Slack writes for Politico: “The National Organization for Women is not happy with President Obama. The group planned to protest in front of the White House and issued a scathing statement Tuesday calling on Congress to reject changes to Social Se…

Labor, Civil Rights Leaders Return to Memphis on 45th Anniversary of Dr. King’s ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ Speech

Read about NOW president Terry O’Neill’s participation in a panel commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech.

Majority of amicus filings ask court to strike down DOMA, Prop 8 — which may signal rulings wouldn’t trigger Roe v. Wade-like fallout

NOW’s amicus brief is discussed in an article by Lisa Keen of Keen News Services at the Dallas Voice: “When the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to tackle a major legal controversy, such as next week’s marriage equality cases, it typically invites advice from…

Three Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage (And Why They Will Fail)

The NOW Foundation’s amicus brief is discussed in a piece by Audrey Bilger for Ms. Magazine: “As two landmark cases make their way to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, supporters of marriage equality are optimistic. A new Washington Post-ABC poll found t…

Obamacare critics’ big complaint: Contraceptives

David Jackson writes for USA Today: “Three years on, President Obama’s health care law still generates intense debate — especially over contraceptive policy.” NOW’s 2011 action alert on the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act is discuss…

Here’s Obamacare’s most controversial regulation

NOW’s 2011 action alert on the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Healthcare Act is discussed in this piece by Sarah Kliff of The Washington Post: “One provision, however, has engendered more controversy than any other: The requirement that contrace…

Argument preview: Marriage and the Court’s “friends”— Part I

Lyle Denniston examines the amicus curiae briefs — including NOW’s — in the two marriage equality cases before the US Supreme Court in a post at SCOTUSblog: “To file an amicus brief, it is necessary to have either the consent of the parties, or consent…

NOW President talks about women’s future during Women’s History Month

Read about NOW president Terry O’Neill’s speech at a Women’s History Month event in Florida. Write up courtesy of Betsy Roberts at the South Florida Sun Sentinel: “Saying that the sequester will disproportionally hurt women, Terry O’Neill, President of t…

In Pittsburgh Visit, NOW President Encourages Women to Pursue STEM Fields

Read about NOW president Terry O’Neill’s trip to Community College of Allegheny County for a Women’s History Month lecture on women and STEM fields.

Austerity Budget Cuts Disproportionately Affect Women

NOW president Terry O’Neill was interviewed by Melinda Tuhus of Between the Lines: “On March 8, International Women’s Day, National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill released a statement criticizing governments around the world for balancing…

Steubenville rape trial begins

Andrew Welsh-Huggins writes for Salon: “Two high school football players were scheduled to go to trial on charges they raped a 16-year-old girl after an alcohol-fueled party last summer, in a case that has drawn international attention over allegations m…

NOW’s Terry O’Neill: Arkansas abortion law poses ‘a real threat to Roe v. Wade’

Watch NOW president Terry O’Neill was on Current TV’s “Viewpoint” discussing Arkansas’ restrictive abortion bill. Also interviewed is Slate’s Amanda Marcotte.

GOP continues the war on women

NOW president Terry O’Neill joined actress Martha Plimpton and Center for Reproductive Rights president Nancy Northup on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. Follow the l

Grayson: Obama must not give in to GOP’s ‘unquenchable thirst to hurt the needy’

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, is featured in a story by David Ferguson of The Raw Story writes: “On a Wednesday afternoon conference call with Bold Progressives announcing the letter, Grayson and Takano were joined by the National Organization for Wom…

In domestic violence bill, long-awaited victory for women’s groups

“‘The Violence Against Women Act has dramatically reduced the lethality of domestic violence in this country; has dramatically improved reporting across the country of sexual assault, and domestic violence, and dating violence, and stalking; has dramatic…

Obama Cabinet picks add diversity, but still frustrate White House allies

NOW president Terry O’Neill was interviewed by Juliet Eilperin for The Washington Post: “Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, said Monday’s appointments were ‘encouraging’ but still fall short when it came to folks with high-l…

Obama nominations: Will they silence diversity critics?

NOW president Terry O’Neill was interviewed by Aamer Madhani for USA Today: “Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, said in an interview on Monday that Obama deserves credit for appointing more women and minorities to top posts than his predecessors. But O’Nei…

GOP Caves, Stops Blocking Violence Against Women Act

Adam Serwer of Mother Jones interviewed NOW president Terry O’Neill on the Violence Against Women Act: “

100 years after suffrage march, activists walk in tradition of Inez Milholland

Lonnae O’Neal Parker writes at The Washington Post: “At the 100th anniversary of Washington’s Women’s Suffrage Parade on Sunday, participants will march in the bold tradition of suffragette Inez Milholland — even if they, and most of America, have never…

House to vote on Violence Against Women Act measures

NOW president Terry O’Neill is quoted in an article by Rosalind S. Helderman in The Washington Post: “When the Senate took up a bill similar to one that passed last year with 15 Republican Senate votes, its GOP support grew to 23 senators. A bloc of Hous…

Pritzker Choice Could Cause Rift

NOW president Terry O’Neill is quoted in a piece by Peter Nichols of The Wall Street Journal:”A nomination of Penny Pritzker as the next commerce secretary would threaten to divide President Barack Obama’s political coalition, pitting women’s advocates a…

This Season’s Paul Ryan? Eric Cantor Takes On VAWA

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, writes at The Huffington Post: “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a powerful player on Capitol Hill who has pretty much flown under the radar with the general public. But I predict that won’t be true much longer. Now t…

Terry O’Neill Executive director of NOW discusses violence against women

NOW president Terry O’Neill spoke to Mary Glenney, host of WMNF’s “A Woman’s Place”, on the Violence Against Women Act and One Billion Rising. Listen to at the link.

US Senate renews domestic violence bill despite Republican opposition

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, is quoted in an article by Karen McVeigh of The Guardian: “O’Neill said that VAWA is a highly cost-effective way of reducing violence by providing services to victims and to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.…

Will Eric Cantor and House Republicans attempt to block the Violence Against Women Act?

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, on Current TVs “Viewpoint”. hosted by John Fugelsang: “‘We have moved (Eric Cantor) enough to where he is beginning to change his rhetoric,’ O’Neill says of the Republican House majority leader from Virginia. ‘That’s clea…

House GOP In A Bind On Violence Against Women Act

NOW president Terry O’Neill is quoted in this article at Talking Points Memo

Fifty Years After “The Feminine Mystique”

NOW president Terry O’Neill is on “The Diane Rehm Show” to talk about the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique”. A transcript is available at the link.

Senate Passes Re-Authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, and Now It’s On to the House

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, is quoted in an article by Meredith Turits of Glamour: “‘I had the sense that VAWA would be easy to get through the 113th Congress fairly quickly because if Republicans learned anything in the 2012 election, they have a p…

40 years after Roe v. Wade, states seek to limit abortions

The Daily News Journal features a picture of NOW’s 2013 Roe v. Wade anniversary vigil (article and photo provided by the Associated Press): “It has been rare for states to expand access to abortions since the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, but there have been…

The debate over Roe v. Wade, 40 years later

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, was on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Nation marks 40th anniversary of Roe

United Press International (UPI) reports: “The nation marks the 40th anniversary Tuesday of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs. Wade, which recognized a woman’s right to an abortion.”

Roe v. Wade Turns 40

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, was interviewed by Dennis J. Bernstein for

When did Violence Against Women become a partisan issue?

A photo of NOW president Terry O’Neill appears in a post by MSNBC’s Lana Schupbach on the demise of the Violence Against Women Act.

Anti-Abortion Agenda Resumes Absent National Attention

Terry O’Neill appears on The Rachel Maddow Show to discuss state legislation restricting women’s access to reproductive health services.

Congress lets Violence Against Women Act wither away

Jamil Smith quotes NOW President Terry O’Neill in this piece on the Violence Against Women Act for MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.

DNC ‘Abortion-Palooza’ Nickname Misses The Mark

NOW President Terry O’Neill was quoted in a Huffington Post article about the 2012 Democratic National Convention and how it was characterized by an unyielding focus on issues affecting women: “People who think that simply standing up for women’s rights means only and always standing up for abortion are the same people who see the word ‘woman’ and think vagina.”

At DNC Charlotte, taking the ‘war on women’ seriously

The Washington Post’s She The People blogger, Mary Curtis, spoke with NOW President Terry O’Neill at a reception during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte about the GOP platform and how devastating the Paul Ryan budget would be for women.

Pussy Riot case sparks free speech, feminism discussions worldwide

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson was quoted in a USA Today article about the feminist Russian band Pussy Riot and feminism in the U.S.: “Young women today grow up expecting equality and expressing their power both online and through edgy actions. Pussy Riot’s rebellious acts fit the profile of modern feminism. They are changing society.”

‘God’s Little Shield’: A Short History Of The False No-Pregnancy-From-Rape Theory

Pema Levy of Talking Points Memo interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill regarding Rep. Todd Akin and how he is not the only Republican politician to suggest women rarely get pregnant from rape.

‘Bring It’: Women’s Groups Want To Go Toe To Toe With Romney On The Economy

“We are going to be fully engaged on talking about the economy and how Mitt Romney is a job killer and in particular is a job killer for women.

‘Family Care’ Benefit Could Fix Retiree Pay Gap

“Women want reforms like those in our report and will reject politicians who call for austerity, a code word for cutting safety net programs like Social Security, which women rely on disproportionately…America can’t afford not to provide fair and adequate benefits because so many women are financially vulnerable.

Paul Ryan targeted on women’s issues

NOW President Terry O’Neill was quoted in a POLITICO article about Paul Ryan stance on women’s issues: “I think he is very, very harshly anti-woman. And I think it’s important for women voters to really look at the disproportionate effect on women of the thing he takes the most credit for. He’s very proud of the Ryan budget. It slams women by privatizing Medicare. Ryan opposes equal pay for equal work. That is very specifically anti-woman.”

Single-Payer Champions Out-Hawk Ryan on Deficit

Women’s eNews Correspondent Sharon Johnson interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill about NOW’s continued support for a single-payer health care system in the U.S.: “Advocates for women must work hard during the coming months to elect officials who will ensure that the goals of universal coverage and affordable health care are eventually achieved.”

The Romney-Ryan Budget: Taking Aim at Women’s Health Care

Part 2 in a series by NOW President Terry O’Neill: “Instead of thinking responsibly about the women who would love to have health insurance if only they could afford it, the Romney-Ryan budget would send us back to where we were in the Bush era, except t…

NOW, Other Feminist Groups Endorse Obama, Expect More In Second Term

“President Obama listens and responds and that is not something we can say for the other party in this political atmosphere right now,” O’Neill explained. “It is essential for women’s well-being that we reelect President Obama and that is why I’m proud our PAC is endorsing him.”

NOW Endorses Obama

“NOW PAC is proud to stand behind a president who unquestionably represents the path forward to achieve equality for women. Throughout the past four years President Obama has listened to our concerns and repeatedly stood up for women’s rights against a right-wing juggernaut bent on undermining our access to reproductive health care, our economic security and even our safety from intimate partner violence and sexual assault.”

Economic Recovery Slower For Women Due To Public Sector Job Cuts, Report Finds

“The leadership in those states [that have seen massive public-sector layoffs] are the very people that Mitt Romney has promoted as having the right answer for our country. That answer for the country is an answer that results in massive layoffs for women and a choke point for women coming out of college and looking for jobs.”

NOW Blasts ‘Radical Right-Wing Men’ Behind DC Abortion Bill

“[The bill is] a clear strike in the ongoing War on Women. When will the radical right-wing men in Congress let up? This can’t be said more clearly: Rep. Franks is not the mayor of Washington, D.C., and he has no place taking private medical decisions away from women in the District of Columbia.”

Republicans Slam Obamacare Using Pro-Choice Language

“It’s the height of hypocrisy coming from that crowd, but it doesn’t surprise me. They don’t have any ideas of their own. I guess they’ve read the polls and they know that’s exactly what women want — autonomy over their own bodies. Some of these Republicans are so intellectually bankrupt that the best they can do is try to use the language of respect for women, while deeply disrespecting virtually every woman in this country.”

Terry O’Neill Weighs In On ACA, “A Huge Relief To Women”

“I think it’s a very good ruling. I think it’s a very good outcome. I think that the Affordable Care Act, its most important achievement is that it establishes in law that this country stands for the proposition that all of our people should have affordable comprehensive quality health care and that’s the principle that I think is established by the ACA.”

Women aren’t principal news sources on women’s issues, 4th Estate analysis finds

“There’s been an ongoing complaint among women leaders that women’s voices simply are not there. When Congress is only 17 percent female, when women are 3 percent of the CEOs and only 15 percent of [top corporate executives], you don’t have critical mass. What happens is that women aren’t there. We’re not noticed…Frankly, there’s no excuse for [news staffs] not to be half women and half men.”

Bill Banning “Selective Sex” Abortions Fails in House

NOW President Terry O’Neill was featured on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation”, discussing the House’s rejection of a bill seeking to punish doctors who knowingly perform sex-selective abortions.

NOW Benefits from Campaigns’ Focus on Women’s Issues

“What followed on the heels of the (Virginia bill) was the effort in the Senate to restrict birth control, and that’s when the men started getting involved.”

‘War On Women’ Only Seen By Third Of Female Poll Respondents

“[It has been] like pushing a very large rock up a very steep hill to get people to pay attention to this war on women, so the fact that 30 percent of women … have recognized it is a huge victory, frankly.”

Paycheck Fairness Act Fails in Senate

“We’re going to keep reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness act, and the future looks bright for this bill, but it’s rough right now with the partisan obstruction we’re seeing occur…we’re going to move forward, but [the bill’s Senate failure] is indefensible.”

Rise of the Mainstream Feminist

“[There has been] a long-standing tradition of bipartisan support for the Women Against Violence Act against since 1994, [and] I think that there is no reason that we should allow this to become a political issue.”

Fighting for Women

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson was featured in a PBS “To The Contrary” round-table discussion entitled “Fighting for Women.”

NOW President Returns Fire on Limbaugh

“I don’t think conservative women want to associate themselves with his hate. I don’t think they would want to associate themselves with his bullying…I don’t think conservative women would want to associate themselves with his vitriolic attacks.”

Slideshow: GOP War on Women

NOW President Terry O’Neill was quoted in a Huffington Post article about recent incidents of Republicans calling the debate over women’s issues a distraction: “To tell us we can’t have our birth control covered and then to scold us for complaining about that is disrespectful and dismissive, and I hope women will really show their disapproval in November.”

Interview: What Nancy Keenan’s resignation means to pro-choice activists

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson interview with the Washington Post about NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan’s decison to step down and make way for a younger generation of pro-choice leaders: “I’m so thankful and grateful that this is the legacy she’s leaving. After so many go-arounds on these issues, it’s hugely important for her to say, ‘I’m going to step aside and fill this position with someone younger.”

Focus on Hillary Clinton’s appearance sparks criticism

USA Today quotes NOW President Terry O’Neill in an article about the media’s judgement of Hillary Clinton and other women in politics’ appearances: “The Drudge Report headline is really saying to all women, don’t you dare step into the public sphere, we will savage you for what you look like.”

Groups pan GOP’s Violence Against Women bill

NOW President Terry O’Neill quoted in this POLITICO article about the House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act: “The agenda that is being promoted by the Adams bill is racist and homophobic and leaves women behind, and it’s not OK.”

The Politics Of The Domestic Violence Bill

NOW President Terry O’Neill was a guest panelist on The Diane Rehm Show discussing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The landmark domestic violence bill passed the Senate on April 26 after many rounds of haggling. But as it heads to the House, it could be held up by a fight over politics.

Let’s beef up Social Security benefits instead of cutting them

L.A. Times’ columnist Michael Hiltzik interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill about the annual report released by trustees for the Social Security Trust Fund.

National Organization For Women Targets Limbaugh With ‘Enough Rush’ Campaign

NOW President Terry O’Neill quoted in Huffington Post article about the “Enough Rush” campaign aimed at targeting local advertisers and radio stations that broadcast Rush Limbaugh’s show.

ABC hints at B-word in 2 new shows about women

Associated Press reporter Sandy Cohen interviewed NOW Action VP Erin Matson about the titles of ABC’s new shows containing the B-word: “There’s a frightening commonality between what you see on TV, in entertainment, and in Congress, where the war on women is being led: The conversation is being driven almost exclusively by men.”

Augusta National a powerful holdout among men-only clubs

NOW President Terry O’Neill quoted in’s article on Augusta National Golf Club male-only membership policy: “Million-dollar deals are not going down at Curves gym, but they are going down at golf clubs.”

IBM Facing Golf Gender Bias After Fighting Racial Barriers

NOW President Terry O’Neill quoted in a Bloomberg News article about the Augusta National Golf Club’s policy against admitting female members, including the new CEO of IBM, Virginia Rometty. IBM is one of three corporate sponsors of the Masters Tournament.

Poll: More women voters backing Obama’s Halimah Abdullah interviewed NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson about the battle over reproductive rights and women’s support of President Obama: “I think this is an Anita Hill moment for my generation. What we’re seeing as young women is this galvanizing moment.”

Woman Voters For Obama: Gender Gap Favoring President Is Wider Now Than In 2008

Huffington Post reporter Laura Bassett interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill about why the support of women voters has shifted to Obama in new poll: “As we get closer to the election, what women will be looking for is for both candidates to proactively talk to women about the issues that matter most to them. Women’s jobs, women’s pay, and women’s reproductive health.”

The Battle Over Women Voters

NOW President Terry O’Neill was a guest panelist on NPR/WAMU’s The Diane Rehm Show discussing the War on Women and the Democrat/Republican battle over women voters: “It’s absolutely astonishing that the conservative forces and the Republican leadership somehow think that they can win by attacking birth control.”

Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

NOW President Terry O’Neill was a guest panelist on NPR/WAMU’s The Diane Rehm Show discussing the importance of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Women step up protests after Va. ultrasound law passes

Kristen Green of the Richmond Times-Dispatch interviewed NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson about women mobilizing for women’s rights after Virginia legislators passed a law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion: “It engaged young women, older women, soccer moms … people that don’t usually get fired up about women’s issues.”

Ohio Sen. Nina Turner joins women across country striking back, introducing bills to regulate sex lives of men

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson quoted in an article from The Plain Dealer about proposed ‘Gender Equity’ legislation in Ohio: “The recent trend of women introducing bills to regulate the sexual health of men isn’t surprising. Women are fed up.”

Terry O’Neill, NOW President, Says Women Need To Vote In State Races

Huffington Post’s John Celock interviews NOW President Terry O’Neill about a Wisconsin bill, based on the idea that single parenting could lead to child abuse and how women’s groups plan to address state-level voting.

Limbaugh apologizes for ‘two words’, Fluke rejects apology

After attacking Sandra Fluke for three days, Rush Limbaugh finally issues an apology as sponsors started to leave. NOW President Terry O’Neill discusses Limbaugh’s attempt at an apology with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

Senate Narrowly Defeats Anti-Contraception Bill as Reproductive Rights Come Under Sustained Attack

NOW President Terry O’Neill appeared on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman & Juan González to discuss the ongoing War on Women’s health: Blunt amendment vote, Rush Limbaugh remarks about Sandra Fluke and the wave of ultrasound bills across the country.

Republican War on Women Rages On

Will the GOP War on Women hurt them at the polls in November? NOW President Terry O’Neill talks about the rift between the GOP and women voters and the latest on the Republican War on Women’s health with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

Anti-abortion bills pass Virginia House

NOW President Terry O’Neill speaks with Rev. Al Sharpton on Politics Nation to discuss two recent anti-abortion bills introduced in Virginia.

Congressional hearing on birth control excludes women

NOW President Terry O’Neill joins Rev. Al Sharpton and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney on Politics Nation to discuss a Congressional hearing about President Obama’s birth control mandate that excluded women.

Will Obama compromise on birth control?

NOW President Terry O’Neill join MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and panel to discuss whether the Obama administration is looking to compromise the contraception mandate.

Aftermath for Komen funding controversy

NOW President Terry O’Neill interviews with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about the Susan G. Komen Foundation funding controversy with Planned Parenthood, and the steps the foundation must take to save face.

Komen Foundation Leader Steps Down

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz speaks with NOW President Terry O’Neill about the resignation of Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen Foundation’s VP of Public Policy. Was Handel the driving force behind Komen’s initial decision to defund Planned Parenthood?

Trent Franks Of Arizona Introduces Ban On Late-Term Abortions In DC

NOW President Terry O’Neill speaks on WUSA9 about Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) introducing a bill that would ban late-term abortions in the District of Columbia: “We are deeply concerned that they (the Supreme Court Justices) will reach out and deny w…

Pro-choicers demonstrate: ‘Abortion on demand and without apology!’

Caroline May of The Daily Caller interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill about the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

Anti-Abortion Group Sends Children With Teddy Bears To Lobby Lawmakers

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson talks about media portrayals of women in 2011 on “It seems like Hollywood has seized the pre-feminist [leading] woman trend right now, between ‘The Playboy Club’ and the ‘Pan Am’ show, and it’s reall…

Women’s Groups Incensed Over Obama Morning-After Pill Decision

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson is quoted in this article about President Obama’s Plan B comments: “His statements about Plan B yesterday are condescending. They’re disempowering and frankly they communicate sex discrimination. In saying that he th…

NOW: Biden’s rape claims are legitimate

NOW President Terry O’Neill comments on Vice President Joe Biden’s claims that “if the president’s American Jobs Act does not pass, then ‘rape will continue to rise.'”

Cuts in benefits, services are unfair to women

Aidan Smith for Tulane University’s New Wave: “National Organization for Women (NOW) president Terry O’Neill reflected on the current economic crisis and how it impacts American women on Monday (Oct. 17) in a talk on the Tulane uptown campus. In an open…

Women Recovering From Recession At Significantly Slower Pace Than Men, New Study Shows

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this article about women and the economy: “We don’t have a deficit crisis in this country. And anyone who says we do has a political axe to grind and is not telling the truth to the American people. We have a defi…

It’s a strong season for women-led TV shows, but are the women strong characters?

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson talks about media portrayals of women in 2011 on “It seems like Hollywood has seized the pre-feminist [leading] woman trend right now, between ‘The Playboy Club’ and the ‘Pan Am’ show, and it’s reall…

Women’s groups dress down Scott Brown

NOW President Terry O’Neill comments on Scott Brown’s remarks about Elizabeth Warren on Politico: “This is the kind of sexist misogynistic attack that we have very sadly come to expect from politicians whenever there is a strong woman who is capable and…

Congress Wants Planned Parenthood Records

NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson calls Planned Parenthood investigation “merely the latest republican led attack,” on WUSA9.

Walmart Investing in Women

NOW President Terry O’Neill speaks on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer about Walmart’s multibillion-dollar initiative to purchase products from women-owned businesses: “I’m completely underwhelmed. This is a company that has systematically discrimina…

Obama Jobs Plan: Women Pleasantly Surprised

Huffington Post quotes NOW President Terry O’Neill in an article on President Obama’s American Jobs Act: “We must close the gender wage gap, pay livable wages to women who work in traditionally female jobs and prepare women to move into higher-paying job…

Consumer groups: Stop sale of J&J breast implants

NOW Testimony on quoted on Retugers: “It’s unacceptable that many patients Mentor and Allergan were supposed to track were lost. Mentor’s approval should be rescinded right away. And Allergan should be required to conduct further studies.”

DSK: What Does it All Mean?

Danielle Hester of interviewed NOW President Terry O’Neill after charges were dropped against Dominique Strauss-Kahn: “The prosecutor’s decision will only make things worse for women and victims of sexual trauma. Women already fear that they w…

NOW Sees Dangerous Deficit-Slashing Season Ahead

Womens eNews interviews NOW President Terry O’Neill about Congress’s debt super committee: “Women’s groups will have to work very hard to ensure that programs such as domestic violence prevention, women’s health services, child care and job training are…

NOW Questions Obama’s Reluctance to Nominate Elizabeth Warren, Asks Whether Sexism at Play

NOW is making news today in The Huffington Post. Shahien Nasiripour reports on NOW’s action alert concerning Elizabeth Warren’s nomination to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

‘Die quickly’ Democrat Kicks Up New Controversy

NOW Vice President Erin Matson interviewed by Ben Evans of the Associated Press about Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson making a sexist remark about a former lobbyist for Enron: “Amid growing criticism from across the political spectrum, Rep. Alan Gra…

Women’s Rights a Priority for Obama Panel

NOW President Terry O’Neill is quoted in this article by Mimi Hall for USA Today on how the new White House Council on Women and Girls is assessing every government agency to see if its programs do enough to benefit women.

Chris Brown On ‘Larry King’: Domestic-Violence Experts Weigh In

NOW President Terry O’Neill was interviewed for this article by Gil Kaufman on about singer Chris Brown’s first televised interview since his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in February.