Domestic Violence Group Demands Tougher Punishment From NBA After Porter Arrest

“Does the NBA simply allow a trade and, in turn, permit this type of behavior? Or will the NBA stand against domestic violence and hold players accountable?” – Christian F. Nunes, President of NOW

Rightwing women’s group slammed for keynote address by ‘misogynist’ Trump

“Of course a misogynistic indicted criminal would speak to a conference of women determined to block access to reproductive healthcare and move backward instead of looking toward the future,” Christian F Nunes, national president of the National Organization for Women and chair of the NOW political action committee, said in a statement.

Largest U.S. women’s group makes early Biden endorsement, citing abortion rights threats

The Biden administration is “the firewall against these horrible attempts to roll back our basic rights to abortion, contraception, and healthcare access, to LGBTQ+ protection, to pay parity, and equity,” said Christian Nunes, national president of the group.

Rally held in DC ahead of Trump’s court appearance for Jan. 6 arraignment

For the past few years, we have seen our Democracy under attack, we’ve seen our fair elections under attack,” said Christian Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women. “Yet today we are here to remind everyone that what unwavering commitment to justice looks like.”

Christian F. Nunes – 100 Years, Creating a Village of Equity