It’s Time to End Homelessness

“Women remain vulnerable to homelessness because of gender based violence, gender wage gaps, and employment protections such as paid sick leave, family paid leave, and affordable and accessible childcare,” said Christian F. Nunes, president of the Nati

How ERA is good for the economy

Women are the backbone of our economy, and their contributions cannot be understated; women drive 70-80 percent of consumer behavior and contribute trillions of dollars to the economy.

High Court Says It’s Up To Congress To End Male-Only Draft

“We are disappointed that the Supreme Court decided not to address this glaring gap in women’s equality. While we are hopeful that Congress will choose to do away with the male-only draft requirement, we think this is a missed opportunity for the Court

Experts say disaster relief plans need to center women as hurricane season approaches

“When women are displaced due to these disasters, they’re put at more risk for harassment and violence. This is a direct impact in contributing to why we see women having more risk of PTSD, as well as other anxiety and acute distress disorders,” Nunes said.

How Naomi Osaka’s move resonates with young women in tennis

RESPONSE FROM NATIONAL NOW PRESIDENT, CHRISTIAN F. NUNES: Naomi Osaka, a famous tennis player, recently announced she’s leaving tennis indefinitely to cater to her own mental health needs. What would you say is the significance of this on mental health