‘Unsafe’: Women in public health facing pushback and threats for coronavirus response

“When health professionals in the U.S. speak truth to power, especially those who are women, women of color or LGBTQIA+, they aren’t given the respect they deserve.”

LGBTQ Americans Just Won A Massive Civil Rights Victory At The Supreme Court

A majority of justices ruled that an employer violates federal law when they fire someone for being gay or transgender.

Why It Matters That Jane Roe Says She Was Paid By The Religious Right

… Van Pelt, the president of NOW, believes McCorvey’s revelation will only further energize advocates fighting the current onslaught of attacks on abortion care. “The truth of Norma McCorvey will ignite new activists into action,” she told HuffPost.

The #MeToo Helpline

An estimated four-fifths of poor Americans are unable to access the legal services they need because they can’t afford the cost. NOW and Legal Momentum have teamed up again to create the SYMS|Legal Momentum Helpline—to provide free information assistance and referrals to women and girls facing discrimination and harassment at work, in school and at home.

High Court Tackles Trump-Set Barriers to Free Contraception

• The National Organization for Women said in a statement Wednesday that religious views do not excuse bigotry against half the population. Covered contraception is more than a theory: Tens of millions of women cannot afford birth control unsubsidized, according to the group’s research. “What’s more, unintended pregnancy is deadly,” the women’s group said. “It is closely correlated with infant mortality, maternal mortality and increased risk of domestic violence homicide.”