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The Female Muslim Identity

I am often asked the question of how I can be a Muslim AND a feminist as if the two cannot co-exist. As if the mere thought of a woman practicing Islam and fighting for her basic human rights are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Today, I can proudly say that my intersectional… Read more »

The Untold Story in the June Medical Case: Clinic Violence

The June Medical Services v. Russo case involving Louisiana’s Act 620, which requires doctors performing abortions to have admission privileges at a state-sponsored hospital within 30 miles of the clinic is now before the Supreme Court, but in many important respects the verdict is already in.    A wave of anti-abortion violence and harassment is growing, with threats against doctors, attacks on… Read more »

NOW’s Racial Justice Summit Embodies Activism

On Feb. 12, 2020, NOW hosted our Racial Justice Summit and Congressional Briefing, bringing together members of Congress, scholars, authors, and activists. The day-long event facilitated some of the most thought-provoking and intersectional conversations I have heard within the nonprofit world. The most important part of the event, however, was the way it foregrounded the… Read more »