What a weekend!   

In Washington, D.C., and 650 locations in all 50 states, The Rally For Abortion Justice was an overwhelming, exhilarating, shout-it-from-the-rooftops success. 

We marched for reproductive health. We marched for racial justice. We marched for LGBTQIA+ rights. We marched for bodily autonomy, equality, and our fundamental right to abortion access. 

NOW chapters across the country organized marches, and our members turned out from coast to coast! Our famous NOW Keep Abortion Legal rounds were prominent in news reports and online coverage, and we handed out 500 signs in D.C. alone. I was interviewed for this report by NBC Washington. It was clear that we witnessed the beginning of a new national movement to protect abortion and defend reproductive justice. 

I’m proud of every NOW member who mobilized, called, and volunteered. This is our cause and our moment.  We are showing our numbers and standing up for access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.  We’re sending a message to lawmakers everywhere that we will not allow vigilante justice like the Texas abortion bill anywhere.  We’ll fight in the courts, in Congress, and in state legislatures. We would love to see any photos of our members in action – share with us on social media at @NationalNOW. 

And in the next election, we will march right up to the polls and vote for women’s lives—electing abortion rights defenders to local, state, and federal office. Our movement is strong enough to mobilize a feminist force that can make history—time and time again. 

NOW was proud to be a sponsoring partner of the Rally for Abortion Justice, and it was wonderful to be with this vibrant, diverse, and growing coalition on Saturday. The power of our grassroots activism cannot be denied.   

And we will not be denied in our demand for abortion justice.   

Thank you again, for all you do.