The theme of the NOW National Conference 2021 that begins this weekend is “Springing Hope Into Action—Amplifying NOW’s Intersectional Feminist Agenda.”    

We have to act– on behalf of our most deeply held values and beliefs, and amplify–showing how the work we do makes a profound difference in women’s lives. 

As you know, this is NOW’s 55th anniversary year and at this year’s National Conference (which begins Saturday and continues for the next two weekends). We are proud that this year’s National Conference will welcome an inspiring lineup of speakers from all walks of life, including a keynote address by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.    

We’re just as proud of NOW members and Conference attendees who remain dedicated to our principles and commitment to a holistic feminist agenda that includes everyone.  This diversity and range of support has always been fundamental to NOW’s strength.  The work of our Young Feminist Task Force is impressive and impactful as they lead NOW towards a more inclusive and accessible environment, creating a pipeline for young feminists to become leaders within NOW. We may be celebrating our 55th anniversary—but NOW’s future depends on this next generation of feminist activists! 

Since our founding, NOW has addressed the combined struggles of racism and gender discrimination rather than keeping them in separate silos of activism. We have joined coalitions organized around vital issues including civil rights, human rights, racial equity, pay equity, grassroots organizing, reforming democracy, ending homelessness, the ERA, and many others. 

Our commitment to grassroots organizing is a vital source of our strength. As we continue uplifting the work of our coalition partners and local chapters, 

members like you keep the spirit of NOW strong and put our principles into practice in your communities.  We’ll be hearing much more about what our chapters are doing at this year’s Conference.   

The breadth and depth of NOW’s intersectional feminist agenda is why we have endured so long.  We’ll have a lot to talk about and a lot to learn from each other this weekend. We hope you will join us.