Immigration is a Feminist Issue

This August NOW’s President Terry O’Neill was arrested in front of the White House as part of a protest for comprehensive immigration reform. Terry and other immigration activists were specifically protesting the deportation and separation of families. Feminism intersects with the need for immigration reform first and foremost because the immigration system is inherently discriminatory, Read more …

I’ve Pledged to Vote

This November marks the first time I will be out of my home state of Oklahoma for an election and, as a result, the first time I will be voting by absentee ballot.

Deconstructing Right Wing Myths: The 20-Week Abortion Ban

The right wing of the Senate has stepped up its game when it comes to abortion restrictions. It is important for all voters, not just feminist voters, to question everything that a senator says to win an election. Scary, unsupported claims about abortion are the easiest way for the right wing to push centrist voters into their wing. In the weeks before the coming election, we must all think critically and carefully about who exactly has the ability to represent women and their allies in the Senate.

Hollywood and Diversity: How the Media Informs Social Identities

The media tells women, communities of color, and LGBTQIA individuals that they are not worthy of being anything other than a sidekick because no one like them is ever the protagonist of a story worth telling. Rather than being representative and producing an inclusive culture, visual media outlets are constructing a culture of exclusion dominated by the thin, the white, and the male.