Abortion Restrictions and Domestic Violence Linked

However, Turnaway women who ended the relationship were more likely to maintain contact with their former partners; this study suggests that abortion restrictions keep women in contact with men who are physically abusive to them and prolong domestic violence.

Normalized Violence: Constructing Culture Through the NFL

Nor is football as a sport to blame for domestic violence and the broad cultural tolerance for violence against women. The institution is a product of a wider cultural problem, but that doesn’t mean it cannot play a huge part in changing the culture of violence.

Roger Goodell Has Accepted the Culture of Violence and He Needs to Go

As Roger Goodell said, something has got to change. The NFL has a massive sphere of influence that can be used to construct a new narrative around domestic violence and sexual assault. Since Goodell is too afraid to challenge the culture of violence he needs to step down and allow someone new to change that “something” he referenced in 2012.