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NOW on the Charges Against Hope Solo

The arrest of U.S. women’s soccer goalie Hope Solo on charges of domestic abuse highlights a fact that NOW has long asserted: domestic violence is wrong, – no matter who the perpetrator is – male or female.


Roger Goodell Is Still Trying To Run Out The Clock

As the largest and wealthiest sports organization in the U.S., the NFL ought to be a role model. It could show employers everywhere how to deal with domestic violence when it occurs within their institution, and what policies and core values can prevent it.


NOW Responds to Ravens’ Owner Steve Bisciotti’s Press Conference

Steve Bisciotti’s press conference today is just another attempt at damage control, but it won’t work. The NFL’s violence against women problem can’t be “handled” or “managed” — it needs to be repaired.

NOW In The News

Outrage grows over Bridgewater State keeping rapes secret

The head of a national women’s group says it’s “outrageous” that Bridgewater State University officials withheld the names of two men charged with rape on campus and did not notify students and staff about the incidents last month. “We know that rape is a serial crime,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization of Women based in Washington, D.C. “The names of the accused rapists really need to be made public.”

National Organization for Women outraged over rape victims being charged

The local chapter of the National Organization for Women blasts the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals saying the agency took no action to protect victims of sexual assault. This, after a policy change allowed for victims to be billed for related medical services at hospitals.

NOW is the time for change

O’Neill’s passion about public policy that works for the benefit of women is evident. She talks about every point with a conviction that seems born directly out of personal experience. While much of our conversation focused on economic justice, that’s just one of the six core issues NOW works to change. Constitutional equality, reproductive rights, racial justice, LGBT rights, and ending violence against women are also high on the NOW priority list. O’Neill says the equality for women can’t truly be achieved unless all of those issues are addressed.

NOW Read This

Maine Republican Has Not Apologized for Comparing Abortion to Rape

The Maine Democratic Party recently sent campaign mailers that reignited a controversy caused by state Rep. Lawrence Lockman’s (R) statements comparing abortion and rape.

Rape Culture Is Everywhere Our Kids Can See – Watch Your Favorite Music Videos to Prove It

Music is widely acclaimed as a universal language. But it’s clear that in an industry mostly run by men, the message is primarily music that positions men as owners of women, objectifying them to the point of being seen as less than human.

“We need a bold, scandalous feminism”

It is time to return to what feminism has to tell us. It is time to make the case for what women have to say about the perils of our modern world. But the case cannot be made along the lines that have become most familiar. We cannot make it only by asserting women’s right to equality or by arguing that women are qualified to enter the courts of judgment and the corridors of power.