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“Deal Me In”

No one should doubt what Donald Trump thinks about women. When he called for women to be prosecuted for having abortions, he meant it. Donald Trump isn’t playing the role of a tough-talking political outsider who refuses to be politically correct. Donald Trump is just another boorish, babbling bigot who disrespects women.


The NFL Still Doesn’t Get It – NOW Asks NFL to Change Meeting Location

When North Carolina’s Republican Governor, Pat McCrory, signed into law a bill that barred local governments from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people, the backlash from political leaders, business and professional sports organizations, leagues and teams was immediate and nationwide. And with good reason.


Donald Trump’s Gaffe was Off Message, but Accurate

It’s said that the true definition of a political “gaffe” is when a politician accidentally reveals something truthful about what is going on in his or her head, and Donald Trump’s latest comments about punishing women for having abortions couldn’t be a better example.

NOW In The News

Feminist icon leads renewed drive to pass ERA by 2020

Patti Singer writes for USA Today: “‘The one thing I thought of was the Anita Hill hearings,’ O’Neill said. ‘Guess what happened after those hearings. We ended up with the most women in the United States Congress that we ever had. I think that needs to happen again.’”

10 women who deserve to be on the $10 bill: a handy list for future debates

Remembered as a pioneer of women’s rights and feminism, Friedan released her book The Feminine Mystique in 1963. It explored the idea of women finding personal fulfilment outside their traditional roles. In 1966 she co-founded the National Organization for Women. After stepping down as president in 1970, she organized the Women’s Strike for Equality, drawing more than 50,000 women and men.

Before Looking at Developing World’s Gender-Equality Gap, U.S. Needs to Look at Own Backyard

There are many paths toward gender equality for all women and girls. But before we in the U.S. presume that’s only a problem in the developing world, let’s take a closer look at our own backyard.

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Rally near bus terminal protests racism and sexism

Several local organizations staged a protest rally against racism and sexism Saturday, April 9, at the corner of Clinton and Springfield avenues, adjacent to the Irvington Bus Terminal.

Colleges Spending Millions to Deal With Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Ms. Karvonides is Harvard’s first Title IX officer, leading a new bureaucracy that oversees how the institution responds to complaints of sexual violence under Title IX, the federal law that governs gender equity in education. She is one of a rapidly growing number of Title IX employees on campuses nationwide, as colleges spend millions to hire lawyers, investigators, case workers, survivor advocates, peer counselors, workshop leaders and other officials to deal with increasing numbers of these complaints.

When Will Presidential Candidates Ask, “What Do Women Want in Health Care?”

While access to health care in terms of saving, killing, or replacing the Affordable Care Act is a popular topic on the campaign trail, candidates’ medical focus is still on our reproductive organs. Even when politicians talk about cancer, the focus is usually breast cancer. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan in one of his better movie roles, what about the rest of me?