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NOW Applauds Oregon Gov. Kate Brown for Signing Groundbreaking Reproductive Rights Legislation

The National Organization for Women applauds Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, who yesterday signed the nation’s most progressive reproductive health legislation into law.


Charlottesville White Supremacists Are On the Wrong Side of History

Charlottesville White Supremacists Are On the Wrong Side of History


Google Puts Corporate Interests Over Women’s Safety

Google has once again turned heads this week, because of its sexist and misogynistic treatment of employees.

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Veteran activist from Florida chosen as NOW’s new leader

Toni Van Pelt, 69, who has been active for decades in NOW’s Florida affiliates, was elected Saturday night at the organization’s national conference in Orlando, Florida. Elected as vice president was her running mate, Gilda Yazzie, a Navajo Indian from Durango, Colorado.

White House council for women and girls goes dark under Trump

“I see no evidence, zero, that Donald Trump has anyone in his orbit to advocate for women and girls,” said O’Neill, who worked closely with the council to develop a provision in the Affordable Care Act that provides contraception to women without co-pay. “We need a real office that would really advocate.”

Trump Administration Quietly Cuts Grants for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

“This is yet another anti-women policy that kills women,” Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), told Healthline. “It is really awful and it is very, very dangerous.”

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Who Does Affirmative Action Benefit? White Women Are Some of Its Biggest Opponents

Affirmative action ensures that women and minorities have equal access to educational opportunities and provide opportunities for women to enter nontraditional occupations. Yet ironically, since affirmative action was first implemented, “the people suing universities for discrimination in the academic admissions process have been white women,” according to researcher Jessie McDaniel in a 2014 report for the Racism Review.

Some of Us Are Brave: Radical Black Care is the Revolution

History has proven that no one is going to protect, nurture, or advocate for Black women and girls but us—
Not the Democratic Party to which we are more loyal than any other voting bloc.
Not the school systems that suspend Black girls at alarming numbers.
Not white feminists who often forget that we are women too.
Not the patriarchal Black church that prospers on the backs of faithful sisters.
Not the Black community that is still making excuses for one Mr. Robert Kelly and too many men just like him.

The Google Anti-Diversity Memo Cribs Its Worst Arguments from Men’s Rights Activists

No respectable reader will trust the gender critiques of a man who is so incensed by company efforts to advance women in tech roles that he sinks hours of his own time into explaining why lady brains cannot execute the technical, high-pressure roles occupied by men at Google. But there is a sizable built-in audience for this kind of lament for the days when men were men and women just didn’t want to do man jobs. That audience is the men’s rights movement.