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Good Riddance to Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly has been unmasked as a vicious sexual predator–and Fox News has done the right thing by booting him from the network.


Senate Progressives Fought for the Filibuster, and Fought for Us

Just one more vote stands between Neil Gorsuch and a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court. We urge all senators to refuse to confirm Neil Gorsuch this Friday evening. Women are watching, and we will not forget.


On Equal Pay Day, NOW Reaffirms Commitment to Closing Gender-Race Wage Gap

Women still earn, on average, just 80 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. From this number, it is obvious that an embarrassing pay inequity exists between women and men in the United States. What’s not obvious is the way this inequity is magnified for women of color.

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O’Reilly Show Loses More Advertisers Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Pressure continued to mount on Fox News on Tuesday to address harassment accusations against its top-rated host, Bill O’Reilly, as the National Organization for Women called for his ouster and five companies said they were pulling their advertisements from his show.

National Organization for Women Calls for Bill O’Reilly to Be Fired Amid Harassment Claims

NOW also called for an investigation into “the culture of sexual harassment” at Fox News.

Neil Gorsuch’s Contempt for Women

Putting Trump’s nominee on the Supreme Court would be devastating to women’s rights and access to reproductive care.

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Supercomputers vs. gerrymandering: Data could be the next key to creating fair state voting districts

For nearly as long as the Unites States has existed there have been partisan hacks trying to draw up voting districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage over the other. Though judges acknowledge that this partisan gerrymandering occurs, and that it can be unconstitutional, there’s hasn’t yet been a definitive way for them to decide whether a district has been egregiously engineered to politically neuter voters of an opposing party.

Iowa Secretary Of State’s Office Released Statistics That Its Own Staff Objected To

In an effort to highlight voter irregularities and push for stricter voting laws, Iowa’s top election official pushed statistics on alleged voter fraud that even a member of his own staff privately suggested were misleading, emails obtained by the Huffington Post reveal.

Lacking Evidence of Voter Fraud, Legislatures Target Its Specter

Given Republicans’ history of raising undocumented claims of fraud, Democrats and voting rights advocates say that citing perceptions of tainted ballots as a reason for voting restrictions is disingenuous at best.