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Will the Supreme Court Repeal the Clinic Shutdown Law? Or Will They Repeal Roe v. Wade?

On Friday the 13th, we saw the back door to repealing Roe v. Wade creak The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Whole Women’s Health v. Cole, a case that will determine whether politicians can shred the Constitution and end abortion by preventing women from accessing legal health services.


The Case Is Clear— Judge Who Removed Lesbian Couple’s Foster Child Should Be Removed From Office

Just when you think the country is making progress in equal rights for same-sex couples, someone in authority decides to defy established law.


No More Than a Religious Mask for Bigotry

There are some beliefs, no matter how sincerely held, that should simply not be respected by any government. A “belief” that targets and endangers a specific demographic group that has historically experienced discrimination is no more than a religious mask for bigotry. Just as we reject the use of religion to justify racial and homophobic bigotry, the same is true for gender bigotry as well.

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Feminist icon leads renewed drive to pass ERA by 2020

Patti Singer writes for USA Today: “‘The one thing I thought of was the Anita Hill hearings,’ O’Neill said. ‘Guess what happened after those hearings. We ended up with the most women in the United States Congress that we ever had. I think that needs to happen again.’”

10 women who deserve to be on the $10 bill: a handy list for future debates

Remembered as a pioneer of women’s rights and feminism, Friedan released her book The Feminine Mystique in 1963. It explored the idea of women finding personal fulfilment outside their traditional roles. In 1966 she co-founded the National Organization for Women. After stepping down as president in 1970, she organized the Women’s Strike for Equality, drawing more than 50,000 women and men.

Before Looking at Developing World’s Gender-Equality Gap, U.S. Needs to Look at Own Backyard

There are many paths toward gender equality for all women and girls. But before we in the U.S. presume that’s only a problem in the developing world, let’s take a closer look at our own backyard.

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Optimizing Outcomes for Women’s Health Care

Provisions of the Affordable Care Act now give you access to knowledgeable insurance agents and personal health advocates such as those made available through the Working America Health Care program. Today women have access to more resources than ever before — ones that will allow them to make better healthcare decisions. However, it’s still important to ask the right questions and dive into the issues.

Women of Japan Unite: Examining the contemporary state of Feminism

Masami Ito writes for The Japan Times: “On Oct. 21, 1970, hundred of women marched through the streets of Tokyo, an occasion that is often referred to as the birth of the women’s liberation movement in Japan. The movement, called uman libu (women’s lib) in Japanese, was eventually adopted by women who embraced the concept of feminism, striving to define, establish and achieve political, economic, cultural, persona and social rights for women.”

Why the Catholic Church should talk about contraception

Approximately 80 percent of U.S. Catholics, including the thoroughly devout, disagree with that stance (support for changing the ruling is nearly as high around the world). And the vast majority ignore the teaching altogether — one study suggests that 68 percent of sexually active American Catholic women have used birth control, sterilization or IUDs.