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NOW stands with Rep John Lewis, calls on Donald Trump to apologize

Donald Trump’s bullying tweets aimed at civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis are appalling. The candidate who said that African Americans should vote for him because their lives were so bad that they “had nothing to lose” now perpetuates further racist stereotypes by falsely asserting that Rep. Lewis’ Atlanta district is “in horrible shape,” “falling… Read more »


Fighting Hate in the Age of Trump

NOW calls on the Department of Justice to fully investigate hate crimes like the the one experienced by Ilhan Omar–and to ensure that criminals are held accountable.


Before the Electoral College Votes…

NOW calls for a postponement of the December 19 vote, to allow time for electors to be fully briefed on the Russian government’s interference

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Before we march on Jan. 21

NOW President Terry O’Neill writes for The Hill: “Feminist activism does not begin, and does not end, with the Women’s March.”

Stand Up for Women’s Health

Lawmakers like Marsha Blackburn are bullying and persecuting abortion providers for doing their jobs.

‘That’s the Job’: Former Hardee’s Actress Recounts ‘Sexist’ Advertising as ‘French Me Femme’

Women’s rights advocates, Democrats and labor organizations have criticized CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder’s appointment as labor secretary, not least because of the depiction of women in his company’s advertising

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10 Ways to Resist Donald Trump

Activists share concrete actions you can take right now.

4 ways you as a white person can reduce your complicity in white supremacy

Because if you’re not fighting white supremacy as a white person, you’re supporting it.

Why calling yourself an intersectional feminist is not a “Get Out of Privilege Free” card

And other things to remember if you call your feminism intersectional.