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Politicians Who Claim To Champion Women’s Rights Need To Stand With Us Right Now

NOW calls on every member of Congress to end the “War on Women” and support policies to ensure that every woman’s health insurance policy — whether she is insured through Medicaid, an employer-based plan or a state exchange — fully covers the entire range of reproductive health care services, including abortion and birth control.


Shame on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Sen. McConnell is holding up the nomination of Loretta Lynch, who would be our first African American woman Attorney General, as a hostage to force passage of the trafficking bill with the anti-abortion rider attached.


“Don’t Throw Social Security Under the Bus!”

NOW President Terry O’Neill said today that a plan being floated on Capitol Hill to establish a new deficit commission in exchange for eliminating automatic budget cuts known as the sequester puts Social Security and Medicare at risk.

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NOW slams ‘sexist’ Warren Buffett over Warren comments

Author Kevin Cirilli writes for The Hill: “O’Neill said those statements don’t add up.
“He claims he believes in ‘praising by name and criticizing by category,’ but turns around and criticizes Sen. Warren by name — not category — saying ‘she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less,’ ” O’Neill said.”

Women’s rights activist urges female anatomy lesson for Idaho lawmaker

Author Laura Zuckerman writes for Reuters: “A National Organization for Women executive urged an Idaho state lawmaker on Wednesday to consult with his female relatives about anatomy after he appeared to suggest during a legislative hearing that pills swallowed by women traveled to the uterus.”

Equal Rights Amendment to be Introduced by Next Week in North Carolina House by Representative Carol Cunningham

A press release by Asheville Chapter of the National Organization for Women writes: “Women have no guaranteed rights under the Constitution other than the right to vote,” said Sherri McLendon, president of the Asheville chapter of the National Organization for Women. “It’s time to change that.”

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Rep. Justin Harris Wants to Make It Harder for Teenage Rape Survivors to Get Abortions

Amanda Marcotte writes for Reality Check: “There’s also a deeper irony in this story. Harris felt entitled to say “no thank you” to raising two little girls, after he had asked for them, overruled people’s reported objections to adopting them, and finalized the adoption—all because he and his wife realized after the fact that they were in over their heads. But while he reserved the ability to say “no” to parenthood after making all these commitments, he wants to begrudge women who are saying “no” responsibly, by doing it before they have a baby and before someone else has come to depend on them, of the same right. This isn’t even “abortion for me and not for thee.” Harris, as a mighty patriarch, wants to put his personal comfort before the needs of actual human beings who require care, all while demanding that women sacrifice their own wellbeing for people that don’t even exist yet.”

Ted Cruz is Running For President. Here Are the Outrageous Things He Believes.

Terrance Heath writes for Campaign for America’s Future: “It’s no coincidence that Cruz chose Liberty University as the site for his campaign. (Cruz was guaranteed a full house. Students had to attend or be fined.) The university is the home of the “Clinton Body Count” — the idea, popular on the right during the late 1990s, that Bill and Hillary Clinton were responsible for dozens of murders.”

Consent: Not Actually that Complicated

Blogger Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess writes about tea as an analogy for consent: “If someone said “yes” to tea around your house last Saturday, that doesn’t mean that they want you to make them tea all the time. They don’t want you to come around unexpectedly to their place and make them tea and force them to drink it going “BUT YOU WANTED TEA LAST WEEK”, or to wake up to find you pouring tea down their throat going “BUT YOU WANTED TEA LAST NIGHT”.”