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On Equal Pay Day 2015, NOW Calls on Congress to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

NOW activists are organizing through our network of hundreds of chapters and state organizations for equal pay for work of equal value — that’s just simple justice. It’s time for Congress to do its part: stand up for women and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.


Hillary Clinton 2016

I welcome Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President in 2016 because gender matters in the United States today, and Hillary Clinton’s life experiences as a woman give her knowledge, insights, and wisdom that others do not have. That’s good for our politics and good for our country.


Politicians Who Claim To Champion Women’s Rights Need To Stand With Us Right Now

NOW calls on every member of Congress to end the “War on Women” and support policies to ensure that every woman’s health insurance policy — whether she is insured through Medicaid, an employer-based plan or a state exchange — fully covers the entire range of reproductive health care services, including abortion and birth control.

NOW In The News

Florida Senate panel approves 24-hour abortion waiting period

“We should not have this interference, especially from men who don’t conceive and don’t have babies,” Barbara DeVane, a lobbyist for the National Organization for Women, said after the Senate Health Policy Committee approved the bill. “They are for de-regulation of everything except women’s decisions about their own health.”

Poor women will face more problems if 20-week abortion ban proposal is adopted: Anita Rios, Ohio National Organization for Women

Shortening the window of time during which Ohio’s women can have legal abortions will only create problems for poor women. Wealthy people will always be able to travel to states with more liberal abortion laws. Undoubtedly, just as women have done throughout the ages, women will take matters into their own hands and this will result in needless suffering and injury. In every culture throughout the world and throughout time abortions have been the last resort of desperate women facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Democrats: The GOP’s ‘war on women’ is back

Author Mike DeBonis writes for The Washington Post: “Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, called the deadlock a “dramatic escalation of the Republican leadership’s war on women.”

After all but four Senate Democrats voted to filibuster the anti-trafficking bill over the abortion provision Tuesday, McConnell pledged to continue debate until the deadlock is broken — thus pushing back the Lynch confirmation vote, perhaps until April.”

NOW Read This

Are We Asking the Wrong Questions about Campus Sexual Assault?

Authors Diana Zuckerman and Brandel France de Bravo write for National Center for Health Research: “Whether the most accurate statistics of campus rape are 1 in 5, 1 in 7, or 1 in 20, remember that there are about 10 million women who are attending colleges in the U.S. Even 1 in 20 would mean 500,000 women who have been or will be raped before they graduate. Campus rape and other types of sexual assault are a huge problem for colleges and an enormous tragedy. Most colleges have done a terrible job of preventing them or ensuring justice for the students involved.”

And Now, Political Virgins

Several years ago, then-Gov. Rick Perry conducted a fabled interview with The Texas Tribune in which Perry defended the state’s stress on abstinence-only sex education while his interviewer pointed out that Texas had one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.

“I’m just going to tell you from my own personal life. Abstinence works,” Perry retorted.

Does Texas traditionally decide state policy based on politicians’ sexual history? If so, that’s terrifying.

How Indiana Is Making It Possible to Jail Women for Having Abortions

Author Lynn M. Paltrow writes for Political Research Associates: “It is likely that most people in the U.S., whether they identify as “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” don’t want to see any woman locked up for having an abortion (including the more than 60 percent of women who have abortions who are already mothers). Perhaps this is why anti-abortion organizations work so hard to deny the predictable and inevitable consequences of their efforts: women being locked up.”