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Court Sides With Hobby Lobby, Joins War on Women

Displaying a shocking disregard for women’s health and lives, the Supreme Court ruled today in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby that corporations may, in the name of religious “beliefs,” strip contraception from their employer-based health plans.


Roberts’ Court Enables Violence At Abortion Clinics; NOW calls on Chief Justice to Take Down His Own Buffer Zone

NOW condemns the Supreme Court’s cavalier disregard for the physical safety – the lives, even — of women seeking abortion care and the health care providers who serve them.


NOW President Calls on The Washington Post to Drop George Will Over Rape Column

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is urging The Washington Post to drop George Will’s column after he made light of the issue of campus sexual assault and suggested that some colleges are making “victimhood a coveted status.”

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How Secular Liberals Should Talk to Religious Conservatives

Michael Dorf writes for Verdict: I was honored to share the platform with National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill and New York Planned Parenthood board member Leslie Danks Burke. Although we each described different aspects of the case and its potential implications, we all approached it from the same broader perspective: as secular liberals… Read more »

Washington Post Defends George Will’s Atrocious Rape Column

The National Organization for Women called for Will to “take a break” from his column, maybe go sit in a corner, think about what he’s done.

NOW: Post should drop George Will column

The National Organization for Women is calling on The Washington Post to drop George Will’s column after his controversial claim that sexual assault on college campuses “make victimhood a coveted status” that “confers privileges.”

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Saying that a killer ‘snapped’ is not an explanation for domestic violence

Libby Copeland writes for the WAshington Post: “Much of the language the media uses to explain domestic homicides falls short – or worse,  makes the murders seem less shocking by rationalizing them. Sometimes, reporters frame such murders in the language of romance.”

Limousine liberalism’s good works

Catherine Rampell writes for the Washington Post:”We listen when Kim Kardashian prattles on about “having it all” and when Tom Perkins mouths off about apportioning votes according to taxes paid. Why? Because, as Tevye the Milkman wisely surmised, “When you’re rich, they think you really know.”

‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves’: A Modern Manual By And For Trans People

NPR interviews Laura Erickson-shroth: “The new book Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a collection of essays describing the varied experiences of transgender people — and the social, political and medical issues they face. It’s written by and for transgender and gender-nonconforming people.”