Press Releases for 2015

“Bullies throwing a lot of bull”

Women are not fooled by the fraudulent propaganda videos produced to attack Planned Parenthood. Nor are we fooled by false claims that funding can simply be re-directed to other providers.

Victory – For Now

Today, women’s rights supporters defeated anti-woman ideologues in the Senate and their enablers who tried to criminalize abortions at just 20 weeks gestation — well before viability, in direct conflict with the core holding of Roe v. Wade.

NOW Deplores Appalling Attacks on Critical Women’s Health Services

One in three women will have an abortion by the age of 45, making this procedure a common and necessary aspect of women’s reproductive health care. We reject extremist attempts to shame women who have terminated pregnancies. And we will never go back.

NOW is a Proud Supporter of Women for Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is launching its “Women for Hillary” grassroots effort this weekend in New Hampshire, and the National Organization for Women is all in.

Remembering the Legacy of Julian Bond

NOW leaders and activists around the country are mourning the loss of civil rights leader Julian Bond, who passed away on August 15th.

NOW Calls for Overhaul of Criminal Justice System in Light of Police Brutality Crisis

NOW calls on the Department of Justice to conduct a thorough investigation into how five Black women can die while in custody in just a two-week span. NOW also calls on the Obama administration and on Congress to make a top priority of identifying and eliminating the systemic racism that pervades criminal justice in the U.S. What we are facing is nothing short of an emergency – we need answers, we need action, and we need sustainable change.

The Social Security Trust Fund Is Strong

A strong and expanded Social Security system is essential to meet the looming retirement income crisis facing millions of U.S. families. NOW calls on Congress to pass legislation expanding benefits and lifting the cap on the payroll tax so that all wage earners pay their fair share into the system. These simple measures would improve the economic security of millions of people while also guaranteeing solvency for these programs for 75 years and beyond.