Press Releases for 2016

NOW Salutes Planned Parenthood on its 100th Anniversary

Planned Parenthood is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and it’s a century of excellent medical care and support for women in urgent need of essential family planning services. NOW is marking its own 50th anniversary this year, and we’re proud to salute our older sister today. We’ve seen politicians and dark money Super PACs rail against… Read more »

Second Debate Shows, Once Again, Why Hillary Clinton is Trustworthy

Last night’s debate showed a side of Donald Trump we’ve seen all too many times—angry, misogynist, arrogant, and at times even menacing. Trump is demonstrably unfit to hold the highest office in the land. Trump’s threat to put his political rival, Hillary Clinton, in jail is something we’d expect to hear from a third-world dictator—and… Read more »

NOW to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: Un-endorse Trump NOW!

As Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have an obligation not only to members of their caucus or supporters of their politics, but to every citizen of our democracy who depends on the nation’s leaders to actually lead.

Donald Trump Promotes Sexual Assault As a Rich Man’s Perk

Donald Trump must be stopped. Someone with such disrespect for women, with such a misogynistic lifestyle who boasts about using his power to sexually assault women cannot–and will not–be the leader of this country.

It’s Time to #BeBoldEndHyde

Today marks the 40th year of the Hyde Amendment, which blocks countless women from accessing the abortion care they need. The National Organization for Women (NOW) is proud to partner with the All Above All coalition in calling on lawmakers to #BeBoldEndHyde.

“Women want to know if Donald Trump is Profiting from the Exploitation of Women and Young Girls!”

The National Organization for Women (NOW) and Feminist Majority are calling on Donald Trump to shut down Trump Model Management until disturbing allegations that the Republican presidential candidate’s modeling agency engaged in labor exploitation of girls and young women have been thoroughly investigated. Members of NOW and Feminist Majority will protest today from 12:30- 1:30… Read more »

NOW Demands a Halt to Federal Arms Dealing

Timely for the September 21 International Day of Peace, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has announced a resolution demanding a halt to federal arms dealing both at home and abroad.

NOW Supports the Strengthening Social Security Act of 2016

Women are especially vulnerable to financial insecurity during their retirement years. After a lifetime spent working for lower wages than men, often in jobs without pensions or retirement savings accounts, many rely on Social Security for support.

New Trump Campaign Team: Anti-Women, Sexist and Misogynistic

What Donald Trump really needs is to stop waging war on women and attacking any woman who annoys him by reporting what he’s actually said. Women know the truth about him — Donald Trump is an insecure, sexist bully who rewards misogyny and surrounds himself with fellow racists and haters.