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National Coalition Urges Congress to Consider Sweeping Social Security Proposals for Women, Caregivers and Same-Sex Couples

NOW Foundation, IWPR, and the NCPSSM Foundation briefed congressional staff on their research examining the challenges facing elderly women and their families in the U.S. Their report, ‘Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling: A Proposal to Modernize Women’s Benefits,’ also proposes initiatives to ensure Social Security benefits are adequate for all Americans, particularly for women and women of color.

Social Security Panic Unwarranted: Report Sets Stage for Improved Benefits

The latest Social Security trustees report projects that the system has a surplus of $2.7 trillion and revenue sufficient to pay all benefits through 2033. Those bent on dismantling and/or privatizing the system will try to twist these facts, but don’t be fooled Social Security is financially sound, and it’s even possible to improve benefits to meet the realities of today’s families.

NOW Congratulates Janice Hahn on Run-Off Victory

NOW/PAC-endorsed candidate Janice Hahn (D) emphatically defeated Tea Party darling Craig Huey (R) in a run-off election in California’s 36th District on Tuesday, July 12. The run-off followed a May 17 special election primary for the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Jane Harman (D).

NOW Delivers 1,500 “Tits for an Ass” to Alan Simpson

NOW members have spoken loud and clear: they want Fiscal Commission Co-Chair Alan Simpson out — and NOW President Terry O’Neill is ready to send him home with 1,500 baby bottle tops. On Wednesday, Sept. 29, at the next meeting of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, O’Neill will hand deliver nearly 1,500 baby bottle tops from NOW members as part of its “Tits for an Ass” campaign calling for the removal of Alan Simpson.

NOW Participates in Launch of Campaign to Protect and Strengthen Social Security

NOW is glad to be a part of this large and diverse coalition to strengthen our country’s most important and successful social insurance program — Social Security. Speaking on behalf of NOW’s 500,000 members and contributing supporters, my message is simple: Social Security is especially vital to women, who would be disproportionately harmed by cuts in benefits.

NOW Calls on Legislators to Pass the Federal Paid Parental Leave Act

The National Organization for Women urges legislators to support the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act, which would guarantee federal workers four weeks of paid parental leave for a new child. Paid parental leave for the 2.7 million workers employed by the federal government will help millions of working families right now, and can be a model for achieving paid parental and family leave for the rest of our nation’s workers, setting the standard for upcoming discussions about policies intended to help families balance work and family life.

On Equal Pay Day NOW Calls Attention to Persistent Gender Wage Gap

“The jury is in, the studies are done, and the conclusions are consistent: the gender pay gap is alive and well,” said NOW President Kim Gandy. “The disparity between what women and men are paid stubbornly persists, even after controlling for years of education, work experience and type of occupation.”