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There’s a lot to be said for being able to trust that your community respects your capacity and your right to plan your own family and make your own health care decisions.

Report Exposes The Right-Wing Tag Team Plotting Against Pensions

Isaiah J. Poole writes for the Center for American Progress’ blog: “News stories around the country have trumpeted a public pension ‘crisis’ in various states, featuring elected officials who insist that these crises justify slashing the retirement benef…

Hey GOP – We’re Not Fooled!

Even as conservatives tone down their anti-woman rhetoric to the public, their harmful policy positions stay in place.

Mandatory Ultrasound Laws Violate Women’s Rights and Bodies

The Republican presidential primaries are offering a disturbing glimpse into the supposed conservative vision for this country. In this right-wing utopia, women will no longer be able to exercise the right to control their bodies, plan their families or safeguard their own health. The church and the state will tell women what is best for them, and religious entities’ “liberty” will consistently trump individual women’s right to live and work free from discrimination and in accordance with their own religious and moral beliefs.

GOP (and President Obama), Get Out of Elizabeth Warren’s Way

Elizabeth Warren is one of the few voices standing up for true consumer protection, and she is being prevented from having the recognition of leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she envisioned, and the power that comes with this recognition. Republicans have been working tirelessly to block recess appointments, particularly this one. Despite this opposition, the decision to appoint remains solely in the hands of President Obama.

Why Are We Still Funding Abstinence-Only Programming?

Mary Beth Hastings of Truthout discusses the U.S. government’s proposal to implement abstience-only sex education in Nigeria, saying, “It seems you can’t keep a bad idea down. Even though the Obama administration has pledged that science will finally tru…

Rand Paul: ‘Principled Libertarian’? Not.

Kathy Pollitt writes for The Nation: “I’m guessing Robert Scheer wrote his Truthout piece praising Rand Paul as “a principled libertarian in the mold of his father, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas” (“…we need more of that impulse in the Congress”) before the m…

NOW Echoes President Obama: Don’t Quit on Women

NOW President Terry O’Neill said, “President Obama’s State of the Union speech was never expected to be a policy address about women’s rights, but women were keenly listening to every line — and paying close attention to the messages between the lines, or left unsaid altogether.”