The Heroes Act is a critical piece of legislation that would provide necessary relief and protections to essential workers, low-income families, and survivors of domestic violence, who have all been disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. The bill has been passed by the House of Representatives and this desperately needed funding would provide a historic $3 trillion towards resources that would:  

  • Extend unemployment benefits through 2021 that would also incorporate gig workers, independent contractors, part-time workers and the self-employed 
  • Provide additional financial aid (stimulus checks) to American families 
  • Provide rental and mortgage assistance  
  • Increase Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits 
  • Fund hazard pay for essential workers  
  • Supply $1 trillion to state, local, territorial and tribal governments 
  • Provide other protections, benefits and relief, that can be found in more detail here.  

The millions of Americans who have been affected by this pandemic need relief as soon as possible. We must secure the passing of this relief bill in the Senate to help the 30 million plus people unemployed and thousands becoming sick and dying.  

We can’t play politics with people’s lives and livelihoods. Yet, Mitch McConnell has argued that this bill is a “big laundry list of pet priorities” that has “no chance of becoming law.”  Furthermore, McConnell argues that Congress should pause further relief until after Memorial Day and President Trump has already threatened a veto. 

NOW fiercely supports the Heroes Act and we need your help to ensure that it is passed in the Senate. Contact your Senators and let them know that we cannot wait. They must vote YES on the Heroes Act and provide relief to the millions of Americans who are struggling to stay financially afloat, access health care, and maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing.  

You can find your Senators and their contact information here and their social media handles here.  

Here are sample messages to let your Senators know that you support the Heroes Act:  

Phone call: Hello Senator _____, my name is _____ and I am one of your constituents in the state of _____. I am calling to urge you to vote yes on the Heroes Act, which would provide necessary relief to the millions of Americans who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical that you pass the Heroes Act and put people over politics today. 

Twitter: @(senator’s handle) your constituents in the state of _____ need you to vote yes on the Heroes Act. This relief package would provide protections and aid to essential workers, low-income families, and survivors of domestic violence, who have been hit especially hard during this pandemic. Put people over politics and pass the Heroes Act.