Reactions to Hulu Series Mrs. America

“…we do intend to use the opportunity the miniseries presents to elevate the national conversation on why the ERA is needed more than ever…”

Ted Cruz is Running For President. Here Are the Outrageous Things He Believes.

Terrance Heath writes for Campaign for America’s Future: “It’s no coincidence that Cruz chose Liberty University as the site for his campaign. (Cruz was guaranteed a full house. Students had to attend or be fined.) The university is the home of the “Clinton Body Count” — the idea, popular on the right during the late 1990s, that Bill and Hillary Clinton were responsible for dozens of murders.”

Abortion bill dropped amid concerns of female GOP lawmakers

House Republican leaders abruptly dropped plans late Wednesday to vote on an anti-abortion bill amid a revolt by female GOP lawmakers concerned that the legislation’s restrictive language would once again spoil the party’s chances of broadening its appeal to women and younger voters.