NOW Demands Equitable Treatment from Our Justice System

Charge Violent Perpetrators as Domestic Terrorists & Institute  

National Day of Apology for Peaceful Protestors Who Were Excessively Policed in the Past 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Make no mistake. What we witnessed taking place in our Capitol yesterday was painful dichotomy of restoring democracy and domestic terrorism. As the morning started, many of us were elated with happiness and celebrating the Georgia victory of Senator-elect Warnock and boldly anticipating the pending victory for Jon Ossoff.  By midday, the victory had come to fruition, but unfortunately, our joy was cut short. We were disrupted by our country’s live witnessing of calculated, propagated, and treasonous attacks on our Capitol by Trump supporters forcing their way onto Capitol grounds, with the only intent to damage and destroy. 

What the world witnessed yesterday is evidence that our country is extremely broken, because our systems are deeply entrenched in white supremacyThis is a system that allowed domestic terrorists cloaked in Trump paraphernalia to attack the Capitol, attack the police, hang nooses in the courtyard, and then be casually escorted off the premises. It is also the same system that excessively polices peaceful protestors, particularly those from communities of color for far less aggressive actions.  

But more painfully, our BIPOC, Latinx, and marginalized sisters and brothers all witnessed that law enforcement is capable of grace and if “they want to,” not using excessive force. It is an insult to our communities, and it is an insult to our democracy. It is evident that we have failed to protect our people and make them feel valued and safe. 

There is so much work to be done to restore the damage of the Trump administration that made decisions based on their own interests and party affiliation — and not in the best interest of the people they are meant to representWhat we saw happen over the last four years in our grassroots movements makes me hopeful, but we must still center ourselves away from idol-based political rhetoric and return to servant leadership. 

Before that can occur, we must see accountability. We must invoke the 25th amendment and Trump must be removed immediately from office for his role in inciting this violence. All individuals involved in the insurrection must be charged as domestic terrorists for their crimes. NOW also urges the Biden-Harris administration and the Department of Justice to begin an investigation on all the contributors that helped orchestrate this coup, and NOW calls for a National Day of Apology to all peaceful protesters who were excessively policed because their values or color didn’t conform with our structurally racist system. 

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