Reactions to Hulu Series Mrs. America

“…we do intend to use the opportunity the miniseries presents to elevate the national conversation on why the ERA is needed more than ever…”

Grace Millane and the rise of the ’50 Shades’ defense in murder trials

“There’s no emphasis on the men, and the male behavior. Where is their sexual history, where is their history of violence against women, were they drinking, were they stalking, have they been in jail for this before? The emphasis is that she deserved it, because she enjoyed or had pleasure from sex,” Van Pelt added.

Missouri Must Stop Tracking Planned Parenthood Patients’ Menstrual Cycles

WASHINGTON, D.C. –– You have no privacy.  You have no rights.  Your body belongs to the state.  That’s the message Missouri women are getting with the news that the state is monitoring the menstrual cycles of women who receive abortion care from Planned Parenthood.   The state health director, Randall Williams, kept a spreadsheet tracking the menstrual Read more …