Harvey Weinstein’s Civil Settlement Doesn’t Let His Criminality Off The Hook

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The $25 million settlement that Harvey Weinstein and executives from his bankrupt film studio reached with some of the women who accused the producer of rape, sexual harassment and other criminal conduct must not be a “get out of jail free” card for Weinstein.   

The payout for the survivors participating in the lawsuit would come from insurance companies representing Weinstein Co., meaning the alleged attacker himself will not pay a dime of his own money. Furthermore, Weinstein will not have to admit fault and take responsibility for these horrific crimes. This is yet another egregious example of a system that is designed to protect abusers, rather than women.  

A settlement does not change the fact that Weinstein is a sexual predator who is facing harassment and assault claims from nearly 100 women. A criminal trial still lies ahead, and justice demands that he be held accountable for these crimes.

Enough is enough.  

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