We Must Not Abandon Afghan Women And Girls

Washington, D.C. — Our hearts are breaking for the women and girls of Afghanistan.  As the Taliban completes its total takeover of the Afghan government, women face terrible danger and risk. The advances in women’s rights over the last 20 years are now void as Afghan women are already reporting that they are like prisoners in Read more …

Why Black women’s wage gap is a problem for everyone

“When women are doing the same work as men, there should be no pay gap at all, said Christian F. Nunes, the national president of the National Organization for Women. “The cost of rent, cost of living—life costs the same—and so we should not be creating more hardship on women because of their gender,” Nunes said.

How Naomi Osaka’s move resonates with young women in tennis

RESPONSE FROM NATIONAL NOW PRESIDENT, CHRISTIAN F. NUNES: Naomi Osaka, a famous tennis player, recently announced she’s leaving tennis indefinitely to cater to her own mental health needs. What would you say is the significance of this on mental health? How might it impact future athletes?**  Naomi Osaka’s decision is courageous and estimable. However, it shouldn’t Read more …

Commentary: We have to stop enabling and forgiving toxic masculinity

“We must call out toxic masculinity by name when we see it and demand that those who allow this culture to spread unchecked, whether they are individuals, workplaces or social media platforms, are held accountable for their role. When it comes to violent or extremist behavior against women, crimes need to be addressed accordingly, and perpetrators must face consequences.”