Women’s March Madness Tournament is Maddening for Treatment of Female Athletes

Shut Down the Haters

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes  

WASHINGTON, DC—As we approach the final rounds of the 2024 Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship, we must address the ugly shadow hanging over this tournament.  Broadcast coverage and social media comments of elite players Audi Crooks, Angel Reese, and others attack their aggressive playing styles, behaviors on the court, reactions to referees and officials, and assertive personalities—all qualities that get lauded in male athletes.    

Freshman Audi Crooks who scored a remarkable 40 points in a game last week was body-shamed for her appearance. Angel Reese has received death threats, been sexualized on social media, threatened and vilified, all for being a top competitor.  

Male superstars get million-dollar offers and admiration for their intensity. Meanwhile, women are criticized for expressing their emotions, their physicality, and their spirit—and not measuring up to what the media and society regard as ‘proper’ feminine behavior.  

Women deserve a safe space to do their jobs. Before the end of this tournament, TV commentators, social media influencers, and all those who profit from women’s sports need to step up and show they care about women athletes and their fans alike. 

Stop the hate and let these women play sports.  

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