We Must Not Abandon Afghan Women And Girls

Washington, D.C. — Our hearts are breaking for the women and girls of Afghanistan. 

As the Taliban completes its total takeover of the Afghan government, women face terrible danger and risk. The advances in women’s rights over the last 20 years are now void as Afghan women are already reporting that they are like prisoners in their homes.  

We cannot stand by while Afghan women and girls see their futures taken away, with no right to education, no right to work, no right to move about freely and independently in society.  Panic has set in as women and children reckon with their potential new and dark future. Girls who, last month, were studying to be doctors and engineers and competing in the Olympics now fear for their safety and the right to govern their bodies and futures.  

NOW calls on the Biden Administration to immediately expand the refugee program for Afghan women and children seeking asylum, with more U.S. charter flights and support for NGOs in the region working to bring women and girls out of the country. NOW will work fiercely to support groups providing on-the-ground aid, and we will continue to press U.S. leaders to stand by their commitment to protect women’s rights in Afghanistan.   

We can’t let the Taliban turn back the clock.  And as women, we can’t look the other way. 

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