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Meet NOW at the Women’s March and Support the ERA

Join the National Organization for Women in Washington, DC, as we march in the Women’s March to achieve equality. 2018 challenged our movement in myriad ways, but we rise, in 2019, as strong and unified as ever. Our dedication to the Women’s March and the principles of unity that it represents is unwavering. On January… Read more »

Today Is Equal Pay Day—No One’s Favorite Holiday

April 10 is Equal Pay Day—marking the number of extra days into 2018 the average woman has to work to earn as much as her male counterpart did in 2017. No one who cares about economic justice and the rights of women is celebrating this occasion. Although Congress enacted the Equal Pay Act in 1963,… Read more »

The Humane Society Has No Humanity

In a shocking abdication of moral authority, The Humane Society has voted to keep CEO Wayne Pacelle in his job even after an internal investigation corroborated three complaints of sexual harassment against him.

End the Use of Religious Misogyny and Homophobia to Justify Denying Women Access To Birth Control And Abortion Care

Today is Religious Freedom Day—a federal observance to commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s determination that the United States would not be considered a “Christian nation.” Jefferson’s original statute disestablished an official state church for the new nation, and provided that no one be compelled to attend any religious institution or underwrite it with taxes, and that individuals… Read more »

Senate Passes a #BadDealForWomen

The Senate tax bill passed today is a #BadDealForWomen. This ugly bill illustrates just how out of whack conservatives’ priorities are–paying for tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires by taking from women and their families. Raced through the Senate with little transparency–language was finalized just hours before the bill came to a vote–the bill undermines… Read more »