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Advocating for an Inclusive VAWA

By Amanda Reed, Communications Intern On Feb. 12, the Senate passed an inclusive version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that would include provisions for previously-unprotected groups. Last week, the House revealed its own version of VAWA: a watered-down, non-inclusive bill that cuts out these protections. Sound familiar? When VAWA came up for reauthorization… Read more »

Media Hall of Shame: Media Reinforces Offensive Rape Narratives in Steubenville Coverage

While the coverage is problematic, it is even more so in a culture that devalues women and regularly downplays the crime of rape, particularly sexual assaults committed by talented athletes. Our society laments the loss of the football careers these young men may have had, yet fails to seriously consider the affect this crime could have on the victim.

Super Bowl Ads Promote Sexist Attitudes, Offensive Behavior

By now, Super Bowl ad watchers have grown accustomed to GoDaddy producing one of the most shamelessly exploitative commercials every year. The internet company faithfully uses blatant sexual come-ons involving well-known women to brew up controversy before the game and draw viewers onto its website afterward.

Ending Violence Against All Women

Anti-violence legislation may never be perfect, and many of the neediest women will suffer without ever knowing what recourse the law guarantees them. That’s a tragedy. But when survivors, advocacy groups and legislators can pinpoint ways to expand legal protections and improve programs to those underserved populations, responsible lawmakers should follow through.