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Bringing an End to Sexual Abuse Cover Ups

Today the subject is the Penn State football program, but it could just as easily be the Catholic Church or the U.S. military or any institution that enjoys a faithful following. The many individuals who are the real strength of these institutions — the players, the churchgoers, the troops — are mostly innocent bystanders or collateral damage in these terrible scandals.

More Bipartisan Support Needed for Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization, and if Congress passes a strong bill, millions of girls and women will have a better chance to escape and heal from sexual, domestic, dating and stalking violence. We only have to read the latest headlines to know that our nation must continue its work to prevent and respond to the cruel sexual violence, lethal battery and assault that lead to murder and destruction in whole families. Shockingly, three women are killed every day in domestic violence incidents.

Immigrant Women Caught in Systemic Oppression

There isn’t just one problem facing immigrant women, but a whole system of intertwined oppressions. Women in general are discouraged from voicing their opinions, particularly when they speak out against discrimination. From unfair pay to sexual assault, immigrant women have even less of a voice in our society. The opportunities that bring immigrants to a new country often turn out to be unreachable, and these limitations are soon braided into other forms of discrimination.

Rape Culture: Why the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case Matters

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn case has given us an opportunity to see how rape culture affects national coverage of rape. We have seen victim blaming from respected news publications using irrelevant details to discredit the accuser’s case (last time I checked, having truthful immigration papers does not make anyone more or less likely to become a survivor of sexual assault). This case is hugely important because rape culture does not exist on some far away plane, and it does not take Strauss-Kahn’s prestige to get off scot-free.

Silencing Sexual Harassment: American Apparel’s Same Antics with a New Twist

American Apparel’s CEO and President, Dov Charney, has been accused of sexual harassment. Again. Charney, who is no stranger to allegations of sexual harassment, has been implicated in the past by at least four of his former female employees, who among other things accused him of using sexually explicit language in the workplace and exposing himself to them.