The Return of Feminist Champions to the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today’s victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was fueled by the commitment and resolve of millions of feminists who voted in record numbers.  Our vote is our voice—and we used it in this election to make history. 

After four long years, we will finally put feminist champions back in the White House. Vice PresidentElect Kamala Harris “stands on the shoulders” of the giants who came before her to make history and for the first time ever, we will have woman of color serving as the president’s most trusted advisor. 

We celebrate this incredible progress, but we recognize that we still have work to do in the coming years. NOW will continue to call out our country’s systemic injustices, stand up for marginalized communities and work for lasting progress on economic security, reproductive health care, LGBTQIA+ rights and racial justice. And we will hold the Biden-Harris administration and our elected officials accountable to do the same.  

NOW will remain on the front lines to ensure these issues are at the forefront of a new feminist agenda in Washington. We know that when we make our voices heard, we make a difference. This election is proof of that. 

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