Renewing our Commitment to the ERA on its 100th Anniversary  

When Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman authored the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, both the state of women’s rights in America and the women’s rights movement looked very different than they do today. The ERA was proposed at a time when women could not open their own bank accounts, obtain a mortgage, could not serve Read more …

“Is That All?” – FBI Apology To USA Gymnasts Is Not Enough

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The recent Senate testimony by four Olympic gymnasts was heart-wrenching—and it made us mad.  We are mad that these brave women had to relive their trauma for a televised audience.  We are mad that the institutions involved are not holding themselves accountable.  And we are mad at the culture that brought them here.    As Simone Biles stated so plainly, we’re mad at “an entire system that enabled and perpetrated (Larry Nassar’s) abuse.”  FBI Director Read more …

Why Black women’s wage gap is a problem for everyone

“When women are doing the same work as men, there should be no pay gap at all, said Christian F. Nunes, the national president of the National Organization for Women. “The cost of rent, cost of living—life costs the same—and so we should not be creating more hardship on women because of their gender,” Nunes said.

How ERA is good for the economy

Women are the backbone of our economy, and their contributions cannot be understated; women drive 70-80 percent of consumer behavior and contribute trillions of dollars to the economy.