Republicans Continue their Assault on Women’s Reproductive Freedom by Refusing to Protect the Basic Right to Contraception

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes   

WASHINGTON, DC— Christian F. Nunes, National President, the National Organization for Women (NOW), issued the following statement regarding the Right to Contraception Act: 

“The U.S. Senate could have taken the simple step to protect the right to contraception—something that’s supported by wide majorities in both parties. But the extremists who control Republican politics wouldn’t even let the measure come to a vote. 

Tens of millions of women can’t access their most basic reproductive rights—because politicians who don’t care about women’s lives think they can gain votes by exploiting women’s pain and suffering. 

The Right to Contraception Act should have been an easy vote for Republicans. Instead, they sided with right-wing extremists who want more power over women’s lives, health, and future. 

This November, women will remember who voted to protect their rights and who voted to take them away.” 


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