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Ask a Woman to Run

We were in Boston at the National NOW Conference’s Political Roundtable, where women politicians and women who worked in politics were discussing how to advance women’s rights through electoral politics.

NOW Conference Opens with Feminist Fireworks on the Agenda

Today the National Organization for Women opens its 2010 National NOW Conference at a critical time for women’s rights. Hundreds of feminist leaders and activists have gathered in Boston, Mass., to share information, ideas and strategies for addressing the huge challenges before us.

Feminist History-Makers: A New Way to Wear Your Wedding Dress

When Josie Ashton learned of the brutal murder of Gladys Ricart, a 39 year old Dominican woman killed by her ex-boyfriend on her wedding day, she became alarmingly concerned about the prevalence of domestic violence in the Latina community. News articles covering the murder depicted it as a “crime of passion,” and some members of Ricart’s family even said she may have had it coming.

Feminist History-Makers: A Life of Firsts

Coming from humble beginnings on a Maui sugar plantation, Patsy Mink rose to become the first Asian American woman and first woman of color ever elected to Congress as a United States Representative for Hawaii. Winning her seat in 1965, Mink spent the four decades of her political career championing the rights of women, minorities, children, and the environment.

Stupak Update

Make no mistake — if adopted in the Senate and included in the final bill, the Stupak-Pitts Amendment will be the worst setback to women’s constitutional right to abortion since that right was recognized in 1973.Amendment will be the worst setback to women’s constitutional right to abortion since that right was recognized in 1973

NOW Congratulates Former President Kim Gandy on new VP Post at Feminist Majority

The National Organization for Women congratulates former NOW president Kim Gandy on her new position as vice president and general counsel at the Feminist Majority and the Feminist Majority Foundation. Gandy served in the national NOW office for 22 years, including two terms as the organization’s president, ending in July 2009. She recently completed a resident fellowship at the Harvard Institute of Politics, where she taught a series of seminars on “Winning Across Progressive Movements.”

NOW to Rally in Pitts’ Pennsylvania District to Denounce Stupak-Pitts Amendment

Once again, women’s reproductive rights are under attack in this country. Anti-choice legislators are using health care reform as an opportunity to further restrict women’s access to abortion. One such plunderer is Pennsylvania Representative Joseph Pitts, who co-authored an amendment to deny millions of women abortion coverage, and then when the Stupak-Pitts Amendment passed, Pitts voted against the main bill anyway.