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The Question

I’m sure you’ve all gotten The Question — the question of “are you a feminist?” It may have been from a friend, a teacher, a parent, or a complete stranger. But at some point, at sometime, someone has asked you. And when we say “yes,” there’s the knee-j…

NOW President Terry O’Neill to Stand with Reproductive Health Care Providers, Defenders in Nebraska

“Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in May, anti-abortion forces have set their sights on Dr. LeRoy Carhart. Operation Rescue plans to besiege Dr. Carhart’s Nebraska clinic this weekend in an attempt to terrorize the clinic workers and their patients, with the ultimate goal of closing down the facility,” said NOW President Terry O’Neill. “Because NOW believes that it is every woman’s right to have access to the full range of reproductive health care, I will be there to stand with leaders and activists from NOW and other organizations to help defend these brave providers.”

Indianapolis Hosts 2009 National NOW Conference and Elections “Turning the Tide for Equality”

Indianapolis will host the 2009 National Organization for Women Conference and NOW Election, June 19-21, at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites. NOW’s conference theme this year, Turning the Tide for Equality, reflects the changing political landscape and renewed sense of hope for advances in women’s rights. It is also a fitting theme as NOW prepares to elect a new president and leadership team.

No Capes, No Masks, No Boundaries: Feminist Super-Women Unite! 2008 National NOW Conference Lands in D.C. Area, July 18-20

Borrowing inspiration from the rise of powerful women in politics, this year the National Organization for Women’s national conference is honoring the super woman in all of us. Our theme this year – “No Capes, No Masks, No Boundaries: Feminist Super-Women Unite!” — celebrates the breakthroughs that women are making: our power, our progress, and the strength that women exhibit every day in the face of adversity. We need not be superhuman heroes who fly or dodge bullets — our pride, passion and resilience make us extraordinary.

House Passes Bill to Honor Woman Suffragist Leader Alice Paul with the Congressional Gold Medal

Today the House of Representatives recognized Alice Paul for her role in winning women’s suffrage by passing legislation to award her the Congressional Gold Medal. Paul was one of the leading figures responsible for the passage of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote and penned the early version of the Equal Rights Amendment that would enshrine women in the Constitution. This long overdue honor recognizes Alice Paul as one of the great women in history for her work to promote women’s rights, freedom and equality.