Feminists: It’s Time to Step Up and Advocate for Latina Equal Pay

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two years. That’s roughly how long it takes for Latina women to earn what White, non-Hispanic men earn in just one.  

In the time since the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 – fifty-six years ago – Latina women have made only twenty-eight years’ worth of the wages they’ve earned. Reporting at almost half the amount of White men and at only 86 percent to that of Latino men, Latinas are the victims of the largest pay deficit between sexes.  

What does that deficit look like? It looks like Latinas being most likely to experience economic instability. It looks like one third of the households headed by Latinas living in povertyIt looks like women and nonbinary people worrying about how to care for elderly relatives. It is an unacceptable number, and a reminder of the patriarchal and racist systems put in place to hurt women. 

Today, on Latina Equal Pay Day, we not only call out employers and our nation’s leaders on their neglect and bigotry, but we remind feminists to hold ourselves accountable. It’s our mission as feminists to bring to light these inequities and advocate for pay equality for all. 

NOW stands in full solidarity with our Latina members and allies today and every day, paying special attention to their unique experiences as we advocate for changes and legislation that will ensure economic, political, and social equality.  

Contact: Kimberly Hayes, Press Secretary, press@now.org, 202-570-4745