The Rising American Electorate

With midterm elections fast approaching, supporters of women’s rights are working to maintain control of the Senate. A large demographic of voters called the Rising American Electorate could sway votes in their favor, as this group is populous, influential, and tends to hold beliefs that support women’s rights, labor unions, equal pay, and raising the minimum wage (for example).

Expanding Access to Emergency Contraception

It is refreshing to see a bill proposed in Congress that supports women’s reproductive justice, especially after the disastrous U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case and the many anti-abortion (i.e. 20 week abortion ban) and anti-contraception (i.e. Blunt Amendment) bills that have come before Congress.

Domestic Violence and Economic Security

When we discuss domestic violence, we most commonly tend to think about physical violence and sometimes, even mental or emotional abuse. Financial abuse and the lack of economic security are often neglected as very real consequences that survivors of domestic violence face.

#WhyIStayed: Solidarity in a Culture of Victim Blaming

So how do we, as women, stand up against victim blaming when it is so pervasive in our culture?

At the outbreak of the Ray Rice case, women broke that silence by taking to social media with the hashtag #WhyIStayed, directly confronting these questions by highlighting the countless reasons that women in abusive relationships often don’t have the choice to leave.