Press Releases for 2018

Kavanaugh Must No Longer Be a Nominee for the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh Has Absolutely No Respect for Women. Enough is Enough.

WASHINGTON–This was written by NOW President Toni Van Pelt and published on NOW’s official blog, Say it Sister, on September 16, 2018.  Kavanaugh Must No Longer Be a Nominee for the Supreme Court Kavanaugh Has Absolutely No Respect for Women Enough is Enough By: NOW President Toni Van Pelt The National Organization for Women (NOW)… Read more »

NOW Demands that Brett Kavanaugh Withdraw His Name

Last week’s hearings on Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, amounted to a sham. Not only have Republicans blocked thousands of documents about Kavanaugh, they are rushing the process to get him confirmed despite explosive information about the nominee. Democrats revealed that Kavanaugh made perjured statements in denying his use of… Read more »

Les Moonves Must Be Arrested–Not Paid Off

WASHINGTON–New revelations about CBS Chief Les Moonves’ long history of sexual harassment and abuse has finally led to his downfall—but he and CBS are still trying to hold on to his golden parachute.  The network has announced it is still exploring a severance payment to the accused sexual predator, who committed the most heinous criminal… Read more »

US Tennis Association: Dismiss Chair Umpire Carlos Ramos

In what was a blatantly racist and sexist move, tennis umpire Carlos Ramos unfairly penalized Serena Williams in an abhorrent display of male dominance and discrimination. This would not have happened if Serena Williams was a man. She would have been cheered and chided for “gamesmanship.” Male tennis stars are reminding us that they have… Read more »

Labor Day Is Another Day Of Struggle For Working Women

Labor Day is meant to be a day of celebration, marking the contributions made by all working people in the U.S.—but for women, it’s a reminder of how far we remain from full equality. Women make up 47% of the labor force and are the sole breadwinners in 40% of families with children—and yet, the… Read more »

“See No Evil Betsy DeVos” Endangers Survivors Of Campus Sexual Misconduct

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing new policies on campus sexual misconduct that turn the government’s response to assault, harassment and rape upside down. She wants to shred the Obama Administration’s guidelines for rightfully and aggressively holding schools accountable for complaints of sexual harassment and rewrite the rules to limit the definition of sexual… Read more »

Women’s Equality Day 2018

The observance of 2018 Women’s Equality Day in the U.S. is inseparable from the history of the fight for women’s right to vote. In honor of this important day, I will join Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and other supporters to ring the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday, August 28.  … Read more »

Donald Trump Uses Dehumanizing Language To Attack Women–But Women Can Vote Against Trump In The Midterms

His tweet calling Omarosa Manigault Newman a “dog” is only the latest example of one of Donald Trump’s favorite topics—his low opinion of people of color, especially Black women. In fact, dehumanizing language was the first thing we heard from candidate Donald Trump, who rode down that golden escalator with hate speech about Mexican rapists… Read more »

Unite Against Hate – NOW Calls on Allies to Stand Up for Women of Color

Washington – – We are calling on the NOW grassroots movement and ally feminist organizations to join us in publicly denouncing all hate groups and activities. As D.C. braces for the second “Unite the Right” rally taking place on August 11 and 12, we reiterate our continued commitment to ending racism and ethnic prejudice, promoting… Read more »