Roe Day’s Message for Election Day

On “Roe Day,” we need to recommit to electing lawmakers who will defend abortion rights in Washington and the states. In 2022, we need to vote for women’s lives. Our goal is to elect a 60-vote abortion rights majority in the Senate and flip state legislatures that are currently held by the narrowest of margins.

Why We Need the Freedom To Vote Act

Our present-day system of politics was born out of the racist power struggle that emerged during Reconstruction when Black voting power was an existential threat to politics as usual.

NOW Salutes California Voters’ Rejection of Republican Recall

WASHINGTON, D.C. — California voters made the right call in rejecting the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The recall vote was always about partisan politics. Gavin Newsom was building a record as a progressive and feminist leader which included advancing policies and programs to expand family leave, establish child care programs, promote gender pay equity Read more …

ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Senators to Support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

No matter our color, party, or zip code, we all want an equal say in the decisions that shape our future. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will restore the essential portion of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) that blocks discriminatory voting policies before they go into effect, putting a transparent process in place for protecting everyone’s freedom to vote.