NOW Salutes California Voters’ Rejection of Republican Recall

WASHINGTON, D.C. — California voters made the right call in rejecting the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The recall vote was always about partisan politics. Gavin Newsom was building a record as a progressive and feminist leader which included advancing policies and programs to expand family leave, establish child care programs, promote gender pay equity and protect reproductive rights. His record made him a target for extremists looking for any opportunity to keep Trump’s agenda in the spotlight.

What’s worse is that this Republican recall became a referendum on abortion care, with the leading Republican candidate, extremist talk-show host Larry Elder, pledging to work to limit abortions if he became Governor.

But California voters saw through this political game and stopped the extremist elements that have hijacked Republican politics in California from nullifying the results of the last election.

But our work isn’t done. As we have in the past, NOW will continue to organize and leverage our collective power to defend our democracy. We will hold officials accountable to do right by us all, especially those in marginalized and communities of color. And NOW will keep working to make sure they don’t try this again in the next election – not in California, or anywhere else.


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