NOW Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

NOW Recognizes October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month  Congress Must Renew VAWA and Acknowledge Intimate Partner Violence as a Public Health Issue   WASHINGTON, D.C. — This October, as NOW recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we must also spotlight the crisis of intimate partner violence (IPV). This has become a serious public health issue, especially during the pandemic, where rates of domestic violence during lockdown increased by 8.1%, according Read more …

ACTION ALERT: Tell Senate Republicans to Stop Delaying VAWA – Pass it NOW!

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA or H.R. 1620) is urgently needed legislation that protects abuse survivors and allocates funding for survivor support services. Reauthorization of VAWA is now three years overdue – owing to Republican senators who would rather see VAWA expire. We’ve had it with their neglect of battered, raped, and murdered women.

ACTION ALERT: Urge the House to Vote Yes and Pass VAWA on 3/17

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA or H.R. 1620) is urgently-needed legislation to protect abuse survivors and allocate funding for survivor services. VAWA strengthens the health care system’s response to domestic abuse and improve access to resources like housing for survivors while also expanding assistance to LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities of color.

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Ending violence against women is one of NOW’s six core issues. NOW recognizes that violence against women is perpetuated through gender bias in the judicial system and systems of economic oppression and that we must address these deeply-seeded structural problems.