NOW President Testifies Against Puerto Rico’s Extreme Abortion Bans

Statement of National NOW President Christian F. Nunes Today, I testified in front of the Comision de lo Juridico/Committee on Legal Matters of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives by video in opposition to legislation that would further restrict access to abortion—which remains legal in Puerto Rico. Last April, I testified against legislation that would Read more …

Point: Abortion Is About All of Us

Those who perpetuate the perception that abortion is a standalone issue, separate from “important issues,” are endangering Americans. All Americans.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day as Abortion Rights are Pulled Back

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. It celebrates the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920 that gave most women the right to vote, but this year comes at a time when abortion rights are being stripped away state by state. Christian Nunez, President of the National Organization for Women, joined Cheddar’s News Wrap to Read more …

NOW Hails Biden Administration Executive Action Protecting Access To Reproductive Health Care—But It’s Only A Start

No executive action from the President can restore the protections the Supreme Court has taken away. No speech from the White House can erase what states are doing to ban all abortion, threaten access to contraception, prosecute women and doctors and put more women’s lives in danger. We need a new Congress that will enact the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify abortion rights.