It’s Time to End Homelessness

“Women remain vulnerable to homelessness because of gender based violence, gender wage gaps, and employment protections such as paid sick leave, family paid leave, and affordable and accessible childcare,” said Christian F. Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women.

How ERA is good for the economy

Women are the backbone of our economy, and their contributions cannot be understated; women drive 70-80 percent of consumer behavior and contribute trillions of dollars to the economy.

Commentary: We have to stop enabling and forgiving toxic masculinity

“We must call out toxic masculinity by name when we see it and demand that those who allow this culture to spread unchecked, whether they are individuals, workplaces or social media platforms, are held accountable for their role. When it comes to violent or extremist behavior against women, crimes need to be addressed accordingly, and perpetrators must face consequences.”

NOW Applauds Biden Administration for Prioritizing Gender Equality

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the National Organization for Women (NOW) applauds President Biden’s new executive orders, which are a major advance towards gender equity and gender equality here in the United States.  They reverse the Trump administration’s searing damage when it narrowed Title IX rules to give new rights to the accused, reduce liability for schools and make it easier for schools to escape accountability, denying survivors the justice they deserve.  By establishing the White House Gender Read more …