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We Call for A Strong Majority Vote to Remove the Arbitrary Timeline on the ERA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — NOW members have been working tirelessly for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) for decades—generations even. Some NOW members who marched for the ERA in the 1970s are being joined by their daughters and granddaughters at rallies and grassroots actions today.   On Thursday, February 13, the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to… Read more »

Virginia Just Became the 38th State to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

“The victory in Virginia means that we have reached the most important ratification goal post,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), told Supermajority News. “But we will not stop until the Virginia ratification vote, and the recent votes of Illinois and Nevada are certified by the Archivist of the United States and officially become part of the U.S. Constitution. Hopefully, both the U.S. House and Senate will pass the deadline removal legislation—though Constitutional scholars believe that is not necessary and we will have to work with the president to sign the legislation. In a crucial election year, he may well want to do that.”