What will Democrats do in a post-Roe reality?

Reversing Roe would cause an access gap between those who have the means and resources to travel for an abortion and those who don’t said, Nunes.
“Those with money are still going to have access to abortion,” she said. “Certain communities are going to be the ones that are most affected by this access: women of color, women with disabilities, LGBTQIA members, women in poverty. We’re going to go back to a time where people have to seek unsafe underground abortion practices since they can’t afford to travel to states.”

US Supreme Court hears challenges to Texas abortion ban

“Threats to our bodily autonomy and reproductive healthcare are still rampant, and politicians are still using the courts to impose an ultra-conservative and misogynist agenda to dominate and control women’s lives,” the National Organization for Women said in a statement last month.