Does slut-shaming start with school dress codes?

“The schools’ response tells young women that they are completely responsible for men’s behavior, which is an extraordinarily dangerous message. Women and girls are regularly blamed for the crimes committed against them,” said Chitra Panjabi, spokesperson for the National Organization for Women.

Goodell Announces New Advisors; Too Little, Too Late

The fact that Roger Goodell is assigning a current member of his leadership team to oversee new policies shows once again that he just doesn’t get it. NOW continues to insist on the appointment of an independent investigator with a mandate to address every aspect of the NFL’s violence against women problem, going back years, not months.

Roger Goodell Has Accepted the Culture of Violence and He Needs to Go

As Roger Goodell said, something has got to change. The NFL has a massive sphere of influence that can be used to construct a new narrative around domestic violence and sexual assault. Since Goodell is too afraid to challenge the culture of violence he needs to step down and allow someone new to change that “something” he referenced in 2012.

National Organization for Women calls for Roger Goodell to resign

“The National Organization for Women has called for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s resignation over the NFL’s domestic violence issues, NOW announced Wednesday. While NOW cited Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case, the group said Goodell should step down because of what it calls the league’s larger violence against women problem.”