Justice is Denied for Kesha—But She’s Not The Only One

The musical artist Kesha’s lawsuit against her producer, “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, reveals just how hard it is for women to prevail against their abusers in court. A New York judge has denied Kesha’s motion to release her from a recording contract that obligates her to work with a man she says repeatedly sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her.

What’s wrong with this picture? The legal system is failing Kesha, because it puts a higher value on the intricacies of contract law than protecting the safety of women in the workplace. Every day, women are being forced to choose between their careers and their right to work free from fear of harassment and abuse.

Kesha’s experience is no different than the college student who has to live on the same campus as her rapist or the low wage worker who can’t afford to quit working for an abusive boss. No one should be forced to stay in the workplace—whether it’s a diner, office suite or recording studio—with their attackers. NOW stands with Kesha, just as we stand with millions of others who don’t make headlines, but are no less deserving of our attention.

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