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New Campaign to Make Change at Wal-Mart

In June, the Supreme Court rejected the class action lawsuit that charged Wal-Mart with discriminating against its women associates, denying1.5 million current and former workers a chance at justice. NOW chapters around the country have stood strong against Wal-Mart’s unjust practices for a decade and are well-suited to make a difference.

The Princess Paradigm Lives On

What is it about royalty, and about princesses in particular? Long after one would think that monarchy holds any meaning to a child growing up today, the dream of being a princess is still being sold, successfully, to girls. And lovely Kate Middleton just gave the princess industry a major boost.

John Boehner Cries, Do Men Do That?

We all know that crying is considered “girly” behavior, and not very “leaderly,” and something that should be done in private rather than public. Crying is associated with “there’s something wrong with you,” “you need some help.” So often psychological states coded feminine are considered something to be treated medically rather than taken at face value.

Our Votes, Voices and Equality

As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we are compelled to honor the bravery of women who came before us; resolve to finish the job for full constitutional equality within our lifetimes; and recognize the unbreakable link between the status of women worldwide.