The #MeToo Helpline

An estimated four-fifths of poor Americans are unable to access the legal services they need because they can’t afford the cost. NOW and Legal Momentum have teamed up again to create the SYMS|Legal Momentum Helpline—to provide free information assistance and referrals to women and girls facing discrimination and harassment at work, in school and at home.

We Must End the Criminalization of Girls of Color

The criminalization of children of color is a growing and intensely disturbing phenomenon.  We’re seeing it at the border where families are separated and children placed in cages, and we’re increasingly seeing it in schools, where police are arresting children as young as six for behavioral, not criminal, issues.   That’s what happened in Florida earlier this year, when Read more …

While The Courts—And Anti-Abortion Extremist Governors—Play Politics, Women’s Lives Are In Danger

Washington, D.C. — Governors have just one job that matters today—to keep their citizens safe, healthy and protected from the coronavirus.  But anti-abortion politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, as well as Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, are using the pandemic as an excuse to fuel their personal vendetta against abortion care.    They Read more …

Louisiana abortion case heard by Supreme Court

“This law isn’t about legal access to abortion,” Hawkins said. “This law is about whether or not abortion clinics should be held to the same safety standards as other surgical facilities throughout the state of Louisiana.”