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Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill on the 2014 Congressional Elections

The latest statement from the National Organization for Women regarding the 2014 Congressional election results.

NOW Chapters Fight for Rights, Work to GOTV

The National Organization of Women was founded as a grassroots activist organization to affect change on a city, state, and national level. In the year 2014, nearly 50 years since its founding, NOW is still committed to highlighting the strong local chapters across the country that persist in grassroots efforts to create political change.

Voter Suppression Targets Women, Students and People of Color (Issue Advisory, Part Two)

Following up on Part One we continue with additional information about what’s happening around the country that would depress voter turnout for the upcoming mid-term election. Of particular concern are tactics that would hinder electing feminist candidates for public office. We provide information on voting requirements in specific states and resources for activists who plan to help build the turnout of the Rising American Electorate – single women, persons of color and youth – for the November 4 general election.

The Right to Vote: Didn’t We Win It Years Ago?

Today, voting rights are still challenged by right-wing voter suppression tactics designed to restrict the participation of voters whose support would likely favor the anti-Citizens United, pro-woman and pro-labor agenda.

Mass arrests outside White House as protesters ask relief for illegal immigrants

Pamela Constable writes for The Washington Post: “Other protesters who were photographed, placed in plastic handcuffs and taken into custody included Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women; Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America; and several illegal immigrants associated with Casa de Maryland and Virginia.”

Voter Suppression Targets Women, Youth and Communities of Color (Issue Advisory, Part One)

In recent years, the focus has been on registering and engaging the Rising American Electorate, but right-wing efforts to suppress their participation are well underway. If these efforts are successful and voters stay home, Democrats could lose control of the U.S. Senate and more state legislatures could turn over to a Republican majority. Here’s a round-up of what’s happening around the country.