George Floyd Justice In Policing Act Passes House—Senate Must Strengthen Bill

WAHSINGTON, D.C. – The House of Representatives took a step toward justice by passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, but Mitch McConnell has already signaled he has no intention of taking up this measure in the Senate. Senators who want to squarely address racism and violence in law enforcement disagree. 

NOW joined the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, along with more than 450 other civil rights organizations, in calling on congressional leadership to reimagine public safety and put communities first by shrinking the imprint of the criminal legal system, including the police, in our lives and investing in community-led solutions to curb state-sanctioned violence by law enforcement. 

The House bill makes important police accountability advances, but many provisions in the Justice in Policing Act must be strengthened.  Addressing deficiencies in the bill such as the failure to prohibit Qualified Immunity which allows police to abuse or kill suspects with impunity is one of the most seriousNOW calls upon the Senate to listen to civil rights and justice reform leaders and make those critical improvements.   

Passing a strong Justice in Policing Act is the first step in honoring the lives of Ahmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade and so many others who have lost their lives at the hands of white supremacy and police violence.  Our activists will not pause, we will not rest, we will not tire—until Congress passes legislation that ensures justice and public safety for Black communities and begins to dismantle the structural racism that exists within our criminal legal system that has led to the loss of countless Black lives.

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