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RFRA Laws Undermine Child Protection, DV and Civil Rights Laws

Indiana RFRA Law Inadequately Revised: You may have heard about the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (IRFRA), that many believe attempts to weaken progress the country has made towards equality. Disguised as a law to protect the freedom to exercise religion, the LGBTQIA issues with the original IRFRA have shown the country an even larger… Read more »

Wave of Harmful State Legislation Continues, but Some Good Bills Offered

835.  That is the number of anti-choice measures enacted in states between 1995 and 2014 according to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s 2014 report, “Who Decides?.” Last year alone, state legislators enacted 27 anti-choice measures across the nation. The trend is alarming and doesn’t look to be slowing down. [EDITOR’S NOTE: A guide to legislation recently introduced… Read more »

Girls, Young Women at Higher Risk of Concussion Injuries

We learned this week that concussions among girls and young women are something to take very seriously. Much of the talk in recent years has been focused on concussions among professional football players: there can be serious lifelong ailments and early death among players who sustain concussions. But now we hear that girls and young… Read more »