Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)


Women are still not guaranteed equal rights under the U.S. Constitution. NOW has made ratifying the ERA a top priority because equality in pay, job opportunities, political structure, education, health care, including reproductive health care, and education–in particular for women of color, women with disabilities and the LGBTQIA community–will remain an elusive dream without a guarantee in the U.S. Constitution. An ERA would also make it significantly more difficult to roll back progress on women’s equality: an acute concern under the current administration.

NOW’s Action Agenda:

    • Pursue a three-state strategy to ratify the ERA.
    • Pursue a start-over strategy to ratify the ERA.
    • Advocate for an inclusive and intersectional ERA interpretation that includes equitable access to all aspects of reproductive health care and centers marginalized people, including LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants, women of color, and women with disabilities.
    • Educate and inspire women–particularly a younger generation of women–as to why the ERA is still so important.

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