The Issue:


S. J. Res. 4, A joint resolution removing the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment The measure, sponsored by Sens. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), is a simple affirmation that the ERA has been ratified by the required 38 states and is “valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution.” The measure also effectively repeals the time limit that was included in the preface of the 1972 resolution. S.J. Res. 4 currently has 52 sponsors; we would like to have 60 committed senators who will vote for the resolution.

Here is the language of S.J. Res. 4:

Removing the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That notwithstanding any time limit contained in House Joint Resolution 208, 92nd Congress, as agreed to in the Senate on March 22, 1972, the article of amendment proposed to the States in that joint resolution is valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution, having been ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States.

Why It Matters:

The ERA is written simply, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” Despite significant advances to establish gender equality, women continue to face both discrimination and marginalization. To prevent sex-based discrimination, the ERA must be incorporated in the Constitution.

The ERA is vital to securing equality for women and preserving democracy throughout the nation. This is clearer than ever since a fundamental right was taken away from women when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Women have been fighting for equal pay for decades, yet the gender pay gap has changed little in nearly 20 years. Studies show that when men and women attend the same kind of college, pick the same major, accept the same kind of job, on average, the woman will still be paid nearly 20 percent less. An Equal Rights Amendment incorporated in the Constitution will strengthen women’s equal status with men under the law in many critical areas, including employment, compensation and access to health care, among many others areas.


Please call your two senators NOW to urge that they vote for S.J. Res. 4, A joint resolution removing the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. You can call the Senate through the Capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121 — just ask for your senator’s office. Here is the Senate directory if you need to find our who your U.S. senators are, U.S. Senate: Senators

Even though we know that all Senate democrats will vote for the legislation, we need the votes of at least eight Republicans. Here are the Republican senators who need to be contacted. If you live in their state — be sure to tell them you vote in their state — please call now:

  • Sen. Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming, 202-224-3424
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan, Alaska, 202-224-3004
  • Sen. Shelley Capito, West Virginia, 202-224-6472
  • Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina, 202-224-6342
  • Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa, 202-224-3254
  • Sen. Jerry Moran, Kansas, 202-224-6521
  • Sen. Steve Daines, Montana, 202-224-6521
  • Sen. John Barasso, Wyoming, 202-224-6641

Talking Points:

Recent polling shows overwhelming support – regardless of political party — of a constitutional guarantee of equality between women and men. Support S.J. Res. 4!  Support the Equal Rights Amendment!

Nearly all developed nations have equal rights provisions in the law or their constitutions; the United States has fallen behind in assuring equal rights for all. We need equal rights in the Constitution. Vote for S.J. Res. 4!

Pervasive gender discrimination exists in American society.  Discrimination is especially evident in wage disparities, sexual violence, and unequal representation in electoral politics. An Equal Rights Amendment will help to more effectively address these disparities. Vote for S.J. Res. 4! The ERA is vital to securing equality for women and preserving democracy throughout the nation. Vote for Senate Joint Resolution 4, removing the deadline in the Equal Rights Amendment. Thank you.