TISSUE ADVISORY: Protect Your Right to Organize in the Workplace with the PRO Act

Employees of Amazon and Starbucks are making progress in their unionization efforts with these giant companies. The timing for bringing forward legislation in the Senate that would strengthen efforts of workers to organize is called for. In his State of the Union Message, President Biden called for passage of the PRO Act.

Medication Abortion – Just the Facts

The use of mifepristone has increased significantly over the years. In 2017, 40 percent of all recorded abortions and 60 percent of abortions performed up to 10 weeks of gestations – though the rate is likely higher due to self-managed abortions which are not recorded. Most women seeking abortions now use this safe and effective medication.

Women’s Community Transition Letter

NOW helped prepare a detailed set of policy recommendations for a new administration, focusing on the needs of women of color and marginalized communities. Entitled, Women Demand: A Letter to the Federal Elected Officials and Candidates from the Women’s Community, the letter was signed by more than 200 organizations, including 34 NOW chapters.