Normalized Violence: Constructing Culture Through the NFL

Nor is football as a sport to blame for domestic violence and the broad cultural tolerance for violence against women. The institution is a product of a wider cultural problem, but that doesn’t mean it cannot play a huge part in changing the culture of violence.

NOW asks for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resign

Critics are ripping Goodell’s handling of the situation, and Wednesday the National Organization for Women called for his resignation. Here is a part of NOW’s statement: “The only workable solution is for Roger Goodell to resign, and for his successor to appoint an independent investigator with full authority to gather factual data about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking within the NFL community, and to recommend real and lasting reforms.”

NFL commissioner doesn’t rule out a return for Rice

“The NFL has lost its way. It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. “The NFL sets the example for college, high school, middle school and even elementary school football programs. And the example it is setting right now is simply unacceptable. New leadership must come in with a specific charge to transform the culture of violence against women that pervades the NFL.”

Koch’s web of influence

John Aloysius Farrell reports for The Center for Public Integrity (via Reader Supported News): “Charles and David Koch, the owners of the country’s second-largest private corporation, are libertarians of long standing, who contend that government regulat…

Congo Rapes Spotlight New ‘Conflict Minerals’ Law

Joe Lauria reports for Women’s eNews: “The recent mass rapes in a mineral-rich area of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo underscore the urgency of a new U.S. law to certify consumer goods free of ‘conflict minerals’ tied to the violence. The law may b…